Sunday, 25 October 2015

People May Come People May Go
 While reading the poem " Brook" by Robert Frost, the refrain " Men may come men may go,I'll go on forever", caught my subconscious instinct to relate it to the world around me. There the pen in my hand started flowing with the world of expressions in my mind.
We meet different people in different guises in our lives. Some come as friends forever, some as soul mates, some as passers by, some as acquaintance and some who can't be named or defined. Have you ever pondered what their presence mean in our life? 
Every person who gives a long or short visit in our life has something to teach us, no matter it is diabolic side of their personality.
Seize the time of warm relations, as they are hard to find. We blindfold ourselves to some people's compassionate nature as we take them for granted. We find them easily available to all our odds and emerge as walking stick during our handicap and to sustain in time of crucial hours. Back of our mind we box them for not to open.Our ignorance settles dust around these boxes which we never try to clean or even explore. Those who come as temptations in the form of money, glamour and pretensions occupy our energies. Alas! We let the diamond slip by and treasure coal.
Most of us under power and pelf's shine tend to be under the spell of dubious presence around us, forgetting there are some who pray for us, bless us and think good for our well being constantly. Important is not to box out these people but important is not to box them at all otherwise we'll dwell in the phase of not recognizing the worth of these people who are rare species. Such people are highly emotional and sentimental, sensitive and affectionate and any injuries or damage to their dignity closes the doors of their being in your life again.
Its high time we expand our treasure of such people as others are easy come in our lives and unwelcome too but good people are not uninvited guests. They love their dignity and above all have high esteem.
 People may come and people may go but remember what they do for you remains perennial.

Sangeeta Sharma