Tuesday, 22 July 2014


 Life in disguise

" I can't fake my feelings", said my cousin over phone to me. "I am what I am" , said she with lump in her throat. I was flabbergasted with my own way of suggesting her to ease her life's struggle with what people around wants from us, I, perhaps, dug deep inside my conscious with innumerable tears. Tears that show helplessness, timidity, vulnerability and surrender in front of situations or people , who are epicenter of our life.....life in disguise.
I recall lovely lines from a song from bollywood, " kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahin milataa , kahin zamin to kahin aasamaan nahin milataa", means nobody gets complete world. Some won't get land and some won't get sky....and the most excruciating thing is  what we don't possess, that kills us inside with hundreds of deaths. Reason is not in genuine desires or wants, rather our being at receiving end to acquire that eternally or even in post natal existence because we in our feelings and emotions are so very true that we can't be dubious in showing to the concerned person, let alone be the person's aloofness from our situation or state of mind , our main focus of compassionate consideration.

Life happens to us with all its true face, with ups and downs with sour and sweet memories and with its ugly and beautiful faces. It doesn't fake itself. It comes to us the way it is, no shilly shallying. Ironically, we grow with aspirations from life , its ways, people and circumstances in just reverse manner. To sustain relations and sustain life itself we fake out our natural inclinations. We tend to wear mask of what we are not so that we can multiply our joys and minus our sorrows.
Alas! Real reflection lies in being hidden.Mirroring real notions would be taken as objection, condemnation or revolt or may be susceptible to balance ways of life.....life in disguise.
What I suggested my cousin to combat her trouble was also nothing but my life in disguise, but I know she was true....in her life which is unmasked, as she can't fake it out.

Life in disguise blindfolds us and the other person to veracity.I am gathering the courage to unfold it and see it even with my close eyes, as life smiles in darkness also.

Sangeeta Sharma

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Soul Talks

Earn Your Life

Most of us get fascinated with one thing or other in our lives, depending on choices we are offered with in the form of materialistic things, abstract feelings or purified search for our own being.Of late I was contemplating on these and pondering if I have earned my life so far.

Keeping ourselves preoccupied with mundane world's never ending desires , we miss precious time to devote to our soul's elevation. No, I am not trying to make your attention focused towards religious gurus and to be their followers. I am talking about purely our own selves, the guru within ourselves which continuously chases us in our body, mind and spirit. We know it, but we ignore it; we reflect it, but we opaque it by our own masks, we create it of our own, but never to let it known even to our own selves.
Got confused what I want to imply? Don't be. Its as simple as two plus two equals to four. We are born with a reason,that reason lies within us. To some this cause is unidentified even up till they are in mortal attire.They keep revolving around vicious circle of different roles they are offered by this metaphysical world, as son, father, daughter, wife and so forth. For them performing duties in their role is obligatory than knowing how to earn their life for themselves. They live for accumulating wealth, reaching best of positions in life or providing riches and pleasures to their near and dear ones and oops! they in this unquenchable thirst of acquiring " recognition, fame and applause" get distracted. Where do they stop even for fraction of second to earn their life? Life... which means to relate to it with its all thorny paths and all mysteries that ends in giving joy...the ultimate bliss.
Do I appear to preach meditation? No, that's not our own life if we don't own it.What we own is entirely our property, no one else can earn it for us, we ought to earn it by planning, perspiring and profiting.
Planning to how to begin and from where to begin....Is it kindness that's what an integral part of your character...plan to show it, is it help and spreading smiles? Whatever it may be  just plan to show to earn your life. Perspire to give it to the world, rather, if possible to everyone you come in association with, even to your worst enemy. For instance, somebody doesn't like you, you like that person to such an extent that he imbibes that from you to earn his own life. Finally, be a winner with uncountable profits in the form of wealth of mental peace, love, satisfaction and the last but not the least , most fruitful life you have earned for youself.
Search is yours and only yours. I have just earned a bit when you smiled..........
Earn your Life.
Sangeeta Sharma