Monday, 29 December 2014

Soul Talks
Brain of Brainless

" From where are you coming so late?", asked me an unmarried girl of around 27 or 28 years old, who is patient of neurodevelopment disorder ( with IQ below 70). The girl with unkempt boy cut hair, little masculine stature, around 5 feet 3 inches with a squint in an eye stays in my neighborhood. Her usual routine includes taking an empty vessel in her hand and roam around in the streets of our area.
December month was hectic for me because of professional demands and for two days I was coming back late from school, around 9:30 or10:00 in the night, which of course is unusual. Such bizarre routine is no stress for my family members, as its quite seldom and moreover its pre informed. Indeed the girl's query was little surprising for me. I still told her about school function because of which school timings got changed for few days, though heart of heart I was thinking why I was answering her as she was incapable of comprehending the situation. Next day again I got late as there was heavy traffic jam on the roads and it was raining too. To my surprise she was sitting at the protruded cemented platform near my house and that too in rain of December month. Now it was my turn to ask her why she was sitting at that odd hour and in that bad weather outside. She answered with her child like smile that she was waiting for me to come as I told her the previous day about my coming late the very next day as well. This unnoticed girl won my heart and I felt bad for getting scared of her initially. The brainless has caring mind. Some tears of concern came in my eyes. I asked her to go home as I was back but she was not convinced. She asked about my son who was alone at home. I was just awestruck with her caring interrogations. She kept asking about various other things about school, and I kept answering her with interest. She bid goodbye and I kept watching her till she was inside the gates of her house.
Now every morning when I wait for my friend to pick me up for school at around 7 10,when thick fog surrounds the trees, roads and houses and its 4 degrees temperature ,this girl comes around and keeps talking to me from her problem of swelled face, her taking medicine and inquiry about my upcoming winter vacation. The brainless with her tiny brainy inquisitive mind has made me ponder deep about people in your so called cosy world who has intellects but they go dump headed when it comes to show affection, care, concern and few words of empathy. They don't even ask about your well being even you tell them you were not well or you were hospitalized.Instead they would bring some past irrelevant situation in picture or anything else which would make you also drift apart. Alas! The world of brains has brained itself to brainlessness.... So Ironical.

Sangeeta Sharma

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Photography Courtesy PP Photography.
Warm Shades
"The beginning"
"Check Mate", said my 13 year old son to me giggling and rejoicing his victory in the game of chess. No doubt it was my victorious defeat. His smile cured me of all my heartaches, emotional set backs and traumas.The beginning has been piloted.It is said that present should not be armoured on past but strangely our past has cemented our enthusiasm to fight the battle of life to support the theory of survival for the fittest and of sustainability.
Past...time when his life was breathing on machines and all so called warm relations started showing their true colors then perceptive eye blinked, not to be opened to see coarseness but the breathing life and blossoming hope.
That every prick of needle in his flesh was an eraser of all that what was superficial and deceptive.That every swallowed fear empowered me to be what I was not...stronger and bolder....that every doctor's warnings against his life clutched me tight enough to connect my heart to his ,my hopeful mind to his and my soul to his. The 14 kg part of my flesh fought life for life to give me life...the cause of my very existence.
Tears were soaked, smiles were worn to see glimpses of smile even when he was announced to be guest of few days by the doctors.The diabolic disease stung our fear but not our faith in the powers of almighty, the one who gifted me his life as my only cause of existence.
Those who were guests and had temporary tenants of relations bid us farewell and left us,  thinking darkness would blindfold us to be existent, to be known or to be named as The Survivors. Alas! Their mission is unaccomplished, as here my reflection, my replica sits infront of me and defeats me in game of chess and comes home with title" best orator", fading away all that is bygone.
New beginning shines through branches of life and I see those tiny new and fresh leaves in life....where is then space for rusted past? Nowhere , as it never was a part of our story and my son's story.

Yes, the beginning that would never come to an end.

Sangeeta Sharma

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Soul Talks
Thinking that doesn't think to think
My usual way of using alliterations in my sentences catch me lot of interrogations by my readers. "Thinking that doesn't think to think" is one of it.Storm of questions started blowing when I quoted it while discussing in a group chat at whats app. I have personified thinking and made it appear contemplate on various aspects of life. At times we don't even give a notice, hence, thinking that doesn't think.
Perception on life or anything is build by human being's thinking ability. Without concentration it travels to vague places and weird situations. In this situation we are focused not on one thing but on various other irrelevant issues that don't even need our attention. Human Nature, inquisitive and involved, try to pocket everything that it doesn't know even a bit about. In this quest of grabbing and treasuring we get prone to mechanical adaptations that is robot like.
This perfunctory becomes a reflex with so many of us and we speak or act without thinking as we impulsively react to situation where remorse, guilt, self pity or pulling apart attitude starts. Thinking junks. It gets pregnant with negative thoughts. What if such and such thing happens how would I perform...? Knitting web of chaos and seeding negativity becomes routine.
On thinking no one has control, it is like that irrepressible kid who takes a flight to sun ( Like Icarus......In Greek Mythology, Icarus  is the son of the master craftsman Daedulus. Often depicted in art, Icarus and his father attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. Icarus' father warns him first of complacency and then of hubris, asking that he fly neither too low nor too high, because the sea's dampness would clog his wings or the sun's heat would melt them. Icarus ignored instructions not to fly too close to the sun, and the melting wax caused him to fall into the sea where he drowned.)  and then melts with wax wings.
Thinking to think good is the only control which we can exercise. It flies and surely will it but the way we routine mechanically to sustain life and then drown in the sea of death, similarly we can channelize it to think positive and constructive. After all this approximately 1130  cubic centimeter organ is a magic box of our own metabolic system and we must work on its functioning worth our smiles and happiness.
An ailing thinking will lead us to the hinterland where everyone and everything is alluring but not consistent. Do you think our existence is just worth this?
Answer is self explanatory. Befriend your thinking, propose her with your passion and seduce her to let you and her overflow in ecstasy and finally marry her for perpetual bond.
Think to think about spreading positive thinking.
Hope I'll not find "Icarus" to this sermon.

Sangeeta Sharma

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Warm Shades

Emotional Attachment and Love

Yesterday while having conversation with a friend I landed up talking about something where " Emotional Attachment" was referred to. I have strong belief in emotional attachment ,whereas friend of mine believes that its not good.
Emotions.....brim bags of wonderful feelings which we carry all the time with us. Attachment......when somebody's emotions get cemented with others. Is it love? No, it is not as I  think. Though it is something open ended, but emotional attachment in no way is a feeling of love.
Emotionally attached person finds solace in the company of a person with whom he is emotionally attached. Trust, faith and confidence in his or her endeavors and suggestions beautify the relation. Expectations are not thorns of hurdles of growth but constructive expectations let each other rise from their ashes rather. Moreover, these emotions are not ropes or ties in other persons expansion of any sort of needs or desires.Not necessarily will it be two sided, as it is self less. Take example of a mother and son...emotionally attached and without words they word everything. When two human beings are emotionally attached they need not to give mortal feel to their bond, merely small caring gestures or instinctive understanding suffice. Expressive ability is not handicap of others approval, mood or circumstances. You are emotionally attached means you are bold in your rapport with the other,whereas you being in love get hesitant,restricted, limited and shy..perhaps.
 Emotional attachment is assurance of security, lasting relation and unbiased mutual comprehension. What we think, we feel, we aspire, we want and what we give to others is always a matter of concern of other but to disentangle us from its complications and complexities and not to offer us more puzzles to solve. They are not complicated but they are "Warm Shades". Have you got any friend who calls you or texts you at say three in the morning asking you if you not sleeping and insists you to keep talking so that you'd sleep warm and cosy....Is it love? No, its emotional hesitation, no inhibition no curbing of feelings, no thought overs.
Emotionally attached people rig situations and confront odds with audacity. And if you feel emotionally attached people later get pain and suffering if not get reciprocated in same way are absolutely wrong...People emotionally attached are very strong and balanced.They can easily differentiate between emergence of Love feelings and Emotional attachment. If former takes place they know how to snub it or curb it if its not the same at the other side.Emotionally attached people mean no harm to anyone. They are ship of rescue for those who need emotional support.Even one person who is emotionally attached to you is your recurring account, multiplying your emotional strengths and helping you when you depreciate your morale and faith in love.
Never belittle yourself if you are emotionally attached to someone, rather bestow all your care and love. After all expectation is not in your list. 
" Emotional attachment flowers the tree of dried leaves."

Sangeeta Sharma

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Inner Voice

Drop awoke

See that tiny drop of tear
Not of submerged fear
Of last feel so strong clear
Crystal shine in divine
Letting hinterland profusely precise
Drop by drop that fall
Vanish lost and forlorn moan
Awoke in smile tired
The drop 
which wakes in bind
My inner strength calmly quiet
All tussle imprints in space find
Slumber was not in sleep light
But love loves the rest in sleep tight
Thank or pay gratitude not in mind
But owe something to the one my side of bright.
My side of bright in disguise.
Sangeeta Sharma

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Strength of self is always an epicenter of our self introspection. Is it really? Yes, the doubt has already crawled in hiding the most delicate attribute of our personality...Confidence. Most of my readers keep asking me the ways to accumulate self recognition power. I find them dwindling between  the area of self doubts for being fit for someone or something or in the periphery of being confident about someone or something.
To answer this I would like to first of all  explain what "self" actually is? Is it what you show as behavior, person or character to someone or is it buried feelings and sentiments which constitutes your self worth...self recognition.Surprised....but that's what we are. Aren't you? We carry always a baggage along, baggage of goodness, worthy of care, love, recognition and various other goody goody of our impression on others. But actual us never become transparent, it remains in the state of oblivion as it gives us security and sense of safety and also loads of self praise for being very intelligent and smart actors and actresses. Surprisingly, we bank upon this hiding game. And here we start marking line for series of self doubts, as we show what we are not and we hide what we want or like.Dear friends, opaqueness reflects ambiguity and vagueness. Don't fog your sanity, as qualm gets permanent and you tend to forget entirely about your real self, of which once you were proud of concealing. Here starts uneasiness, bad temperament, life in cocoon, slithering confidence,mistrust and above all self doubt. Swords of doubt and confidence shine high at this juncture. Who would win?...another doubt...doubt after doubt and answer is rather rhetorical.
I surely won't preach about being your real self, be what you are and etc. etc. etc....Dear friends, I am no saint to do so. And I am very clear about that.....if you can see doubt running and confidence victorious, you got your answer.
Self recognition is giving way to your real self. Create situations where, you are what you are and not what people want you to be. Self recognition , remember is for boosting your self confidence and to make someone happy , sadly we can never get success in making others contended of anything but we can make ourselves smiling at our own strengths and winning over our weaknesses.
Tapping self control can be an edge over but only if it reflects your self confidence otherwise it is nothing but crash of your self trust.....the seed of self recognition.
If you have doubt put it in zipper and forget. See yourself in mirror and say those three magical but effective words, "I LOVE YOU".........wait a sec.....still doubting.....dear friends its about loving yourself first.....fog is cleared and straight path without complexities and complications paves the way to you.....Just do it.

Sangeeta Sharma

Monday, 27 October 2014

Visualization: A vision of vision less
Recently I was given a visit by my childhood friend and all we did was just to recapitulate our school days and other times of togetherness where not only we used to discuss our career but also our zeal and passion to achieve something in our lives. To me whatever I wanted I never was able to get except my son who is precious gem in my life. My buddy rather got her one wish fulfilled and that was staying in Australia for two years and treasuring what a normal female of our age can't accumulate.
In our age females focus on family, career, studies, kids or other things from this mundane life but she practiced visualisation. According to Wikipedia, "A mental image is the representation in a person's mind of the physical world outside of that person. It is an experience that, on most occasions, significantly resembles the experience of perceiving some object, event, or scene, but occurs when the relevant object, event, or scene is not actually present to the senses. There are sometimes episodes, particularly on falling asleep  and waking up , when the mental imagery, being of a rapid, phantasmagoric and involuntary character, defies perception, presenting a kaleidoscopic field, in which no distinct object can be discerned." Phew! something really to boggle our heads, but since ancient times we have been listening this in many stories and fables. According to her she has won over concepts of love and hate with the help of visualization. Its a vision to vision less.
Now what is this vision to vision less? Its a state of utterly staunch feelings , for example love and hate.
You love someone but the other person does not know about it, the best self remedy is visualization. You hate somebody and you want him/her know without hurting, the solution is visualization. Its mind to mind transmission of thoughts you have for any particular person. But is it easy? No, for this we need to practice concentration.
Now the question comes of its reliability..." Mind to mind connection" seems weird and ambiguous to me but I felt it when I remembered a particular person, devoid of my stress, worries, daily errands and many other distractions,and that person from nowhere landed in my world which was totally minus visualization.Unknowingly when I was trying to ease out my problems by forgetting things of worries unintentionally I cleansed my mind of everything and started recalling something which used to make me forget everything...perhaps chess playing.....and here I go, I found the situation where I can forget everything else and involve in something which delights me. Thats the initial stage of visualization. Self assertive statements is the other way of visualization, in which whenever we feel low we assume ourselves at the top of the hill and start muttering self assertive statements like, " I am the best...I have achieved what I want....". 
Friends it actually works.Try doing it, its your vision of vision less.
Remember its concentration that works everytime.
Happy vision !!!
Sangeeta Sharma

Sunday, 28 September 2014

" Much and not many makes all the difference"
If we take troubles in our life as many it becomes easy for us to find solutions for our problems. Recently a friend of mine has passed through a problem, much in intensity, but he made himself blindfolded to many facets of it and got entangled in it. Of course I am not destiny decider for his life but as linked with him as good friend I have many things as controls in my hand for instance suggesting many ways to come clean out of the trouble or showing an alternate path of piling it up with much of perseverance and being positive. Yes what makes all the difference in our way of perceiving life is........Is it many fold or has much  to sort out?
With my experience I have learnt that life runs after you if you let it be.Let me give an example, You have a beautiful alluring toy in your hand and now you show it to an innocent kid, what would you expect? Will you run after a child to let it have or the child will run after you to take it? Yes, that is what we all to empower ourselves with. Life is that innocent child, its not at all complicated to let it chase you. Hand yourself with many attractions like smile, patience, positivity, self belief, empathy and let the magic run in your life. Never control your problems with much of stress and trauma, bring many attractions to make problem kneel down in front of your self trust.
However problems don't come in packets but we with the dint of our power of introspection can packet them. How? , is the obvious question ill expect from my readers. Can you captivate air,the automatic answer is no but we do compress it by  keeping it under a pressure that is greater than atmospheric pressure.Thats what is the solution to our much aggravated problems. Fist it by applying pressure of positivity and more enduring power that is greater than the much intensity of your problems.
Many is what we ought to give shape to, the moment liminial space for much is created we come under stress and depression. Locate your comfort zones by setting the directional needle to the solutions and not to the causes of your problems. Winning the situation is all about to think winning.
Make your problems countable and your strength as uncountable than only you'll have that sweet smile on your face even you are in midst of dying situation.
Practice: " " Much and not many makes all the difference, as we need to combat much, many are in our control."
Sangeeta Sharma

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Meaningless Meaning of Meaningful life
Life has always been astonishing me with its tantrums. One moment it offers me something to relish and on the other to even find meaning worth meaningful. When I see a butterfly I perceive all colors of life flying.....flying and not consistent.....Which color should I pick for my meaningful life? I see a kid smiling with different muscles spread indicating smile smiles away stress, but does it make me smile for life throughout? In every human I find a little God, who preaches different school of thoughts, which one I follow? Yonder in the vast sky birds going back to their home, A rainbow full of hues, blue sky, rising and setting Sun, shades of moon, waves rolling , tides striking....everything has transitional appearance or existence, where do all these draw line of meaningful meaning?

I am no pessimistic, but I am researcher of life chasing it the way it comes to me.I smile with it and shed a tear or two when it wants me to do that even, I dance with it like its soul mate, I spread my expansions hugging it, I shout ignoring its limitations, I call it with all my desires and above all I worship it with its idealism......but where does the defined meaning lie?

Every night I sleep in its lap with peaceful yet disturbed sleep, I try to grab it with its chore values yet find lack of these in some, I try to comfort it when I find pain of life, I try to embrace it like its partner to blossom and to grow.....but in turn every morning it offers me different temptations to be aloof and alienated from it .......meaningless meaning of meaningful life.

I talk, I preach, I fight, I laugh, I sing, I love life to get back love......but do we really? These are not expectations, nevertheless quintessential panorama of just small part of life. We all try to win it with our own strategies but who wins at the end...Its meaningful Life and leave us with its meaningless meaning. Alas! It seems to be a wild goose chase....I am trying to run after it to get it in my fist but am I really going to?
It comes running to me with its pain but comes walking with happiness. What a dilemma! I try to run fast with it , I got tired but it doesn't. I sigh and doubt but surprisingly it gives me back my strong belief in its being......sits somewhere at the corner of my heart with its innocent smile and tickling me to have faith in its meaningless meaning.
All fog cleared I walk hand in hand with the meaningless meaning of meaningful life.
Sangeeta Sharma

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Warm Shades
Faceless chosen one
Many of us once in our lifetime meet somebody who acts as warm shade, I am no less than a fortunate. Dwindling enigma of interrogative doubts surrounded me then. Why me? How? When?....unanswerable. Nocturnal tear shedding, abhorrence for existence,  stigma of being the sufferer and above all self pity bore heavy burden on my heart, mind and soul.
May be blood relation , being acquaintance or being friends is not the only savior of drowning conscious, I realized then. There are definitely some people who are no relation to you but they share biggest and toughest relation of humanity. They have no face but their face value is far above the unquenchable desire to be the one. On them you put full stop with your eyes closed, as search of goodness calms there.
" We are the chosen ones", the statement was always haunting melody in my subconscious mind, but source of solace. The strength from nowhere used to equip me whenever my faceless brother used to console me of my pain and trauma. Magic was not in the words , magic was in the emotion with which i was made understand the brutality of the heartless world and was awakened with my eye of care, concern and love for my son. After all he is my world. 
I always find words taking a hiding place, whenever I want to write about that faceless brother of mine. Not cause time of strife has passed and I have reached to a point where i completely understand the world, but cause faceless care can not be wrapped in words. it can only be felt and be proud of. After all " I am the chosen one to bask under care and love of  faceless and brotherly being."
Thanks would bring face to the faceless and that would be very humanly and my faceless brother is far above the mortal existence, because he taught me to smile through my tears and fight life as a winner and not as a looser. Moreover, made me learn to balance between my impulses and my arrogance, and that can only be initiated by " A chosen One". 
I owe my peace of mind to my faceless brother and trying to multiply it by being the same..........Are you in stress, I am there to listen.
Sangeeta Sharma

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


 Life in disguise

" I can't fake my feelings", said my cousin over phone to me. "I am what I am" , said she with lump in her throat. I was flabbergasted with my own way of suggesting her to ease her life's struggle with what people around wants from us, I, perhaps, dug deep inside my conscious with innumerable tears. Tears that show helplessness, timidity, vulnerability and surrender in front of situations or people , who are epicenter of our in disguise.
I recall lovely lines from a song from bollywood, " kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahin milataa , kahin zamin to kahin aasamaan nahin milataa", means nobody gets complete world. Some won't get land and some won't get sky....and the most excruciating thing is  what we don't possess, that kills us inside with hundreds of deaths. Reason is not in genuine desires or wants, rather our being at receiving end to acquire that eternally or even in post natal existence because we in our feelings and emotions are so very true that we can't be dubious in showing to the concerned person, let alone be the person's aloofness from our situation or state of mind , our main focus of compassionate consideration.

Life happens to us with all its true face, with ups and downs with sour and sweet memories and with its ugly and beautiful faces. It doesn't fake itself. It comes to us the way it is, no shilly shallying. Ironically, we grow with aspirations from life , its ways, people and circumstances in just reverse manner. To sustain relations and sustain life itself we fake out our natural inclinations. We tend to wear mask of what we are not so that we can multiply our joys and minus our sorrows.
Alas! Real reflection lies in being hidden.Mirroring real notions would be taken as objection, condemnation or revolt or may be susceptible to balance ways of in disguise.
What I suggested my cousin to combat her trouble was also nothing but my life in disguise, but I know she was her life which is unmasked, as she can't fake it out.

Life in disguise blindfolds us and the other person to veracity.I am gathering the courage to unfold it and see it even with my close eyes, as life smiles in darkness also.

Sangeeta Sharma

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Soul Talks

Earn Your Life

Most of us get fascinated with one thing or other in our lives, depending on choices we are offered with in the form of materialistic things, abstract feelings or purified search for our own being.Of late I was contemplating on these and pondering if I have earned my life so far.

Keeping ourselves preoccupied with mundane world's never ending desires , we miss precious time to devote to our soul's elevation. No, I am not trying to make your attention focused towards religious gurus and to be their followers. I am talking about purely our own selves, the guru within ourselves which continuously chases us in our body, mind and spirit. We know it, but we ignore it; we reflect it, but we opaque it by our own masks, we create it of our own, but never to let it known even to our own selves.
Got confused what I want to imply? Don't be. Its as simple as two plus two equals to four. We are born with a reason,that reason lies within us. To some this cause is unidentified even up till they are in mortal attire.They keep revolving around vicious circle of different roles they are offered by this metaphysical world, as son, father, daughter, wife and so forth. For them performing duties in their role is obligatory than knowing how to earn their life for themselves. They live for accumulating wealth, reaching best of positions in life or providing riches and pleasures to their near and dear ones and oops! they in this unquenchable thirst of acquiring " recognition, fame and applause" get distracted. Where do they stop even for fraction of second to earn their life? Life... which means to relate to it with its all thorny paths and all mysteries that ends in giving joy...the ultimate bliss.
Do I appear to preach meditation? No, that's not our own life if we don't own it.What we own is entirely our property, no one else can earn it for us, we ought to earn it by planning, perspiring and profiting.
Planning to how to begin and from where to begin....Is it kindness that's what an integral part of your character...plan to show it, is it help and spreading smiles? Whatever it may be  just plan to show to earn your life. Perspire to give it to the world, rather, if possible to everyone you come in association with, even to your worst enemy. For instance, somebody doesn't like you, you like that person to such an extent that he imbibes that from you to earn his own life. Finally, be a winner with uncountable profits in the form of wealth of mental peace, love, satisfaction and the last but not the least , most fruitful life you have earned for youself.
Search is yours and only yours. I have just earned a bit when you smiled..........
Earn your Life.
Sangeeta Sharma

Sunday, 29 June 2014


Platonic love: Does it actually exist or merely have wordy existence?
Recently while rereading all my whats app images, I got captivated by one of the images stating " Man asked God what is the difference between your love and my love?" God replied, " I let my love fly open and free in the sky while you imprison it." Immediately next step was, which is quite usual to me, was to update my status. It read as "  Let your love fly, if its yours it would stay if it flies away it never just chill and go for platonic love." I wrote without having a single thought  that it would be inviting list of inquisitive interrogations from my students.
Pareedhi, one of my bright students of literature , enquired very innocently about the meaning of platonic love. She asked if the term has something to do with Plato, the renowned greek philosopher and writer of " The Republic". Touched with her empathy I was in dilemma how to explain my seventeen year old student the meaning of platonic love. The moment I started typing my message, her message popped up on my whats app screen...." Is it parent and child like? or Is it between friends?"  My eyes fluttered and lips twitched and I smiled in my heart. Not cause of her inquisitiveness but as I knew how to explain her the meaning in one statement. I answered quickly, its as it was between Meera and Krishna, beyond worldly pleasures, beyond metaphysical and very sublime and ethereal. Of course the extended discussion on metaphysical world, sublime and ethereal concepts occupied my nocturnal activities,usually eating head of my best friend, Kamakshi.

Have you ever felt if somebody is remembering you at say two in the night and you actually get a message or call. Did you ever feel if you are with someone and that togetherness makes you complete? Have you ever felt the closeness an answer to all your searches? You are not physical yet you are in ecstatic and majestic form of warmth, has this feeling ever crossed you over? Expectations are foreign to your companionship and distance hardly distances your mind and heart from that surely are in platonic love.
Many of us name it as being friends or best buddies but its far above the level of friendship.Very difficult to recognise and not everyone's cup of tea. Only those who believe in it can experience it. In this world of materialistic desires one can't keep oneself away from worldly expectations. Does that mean that Platonic Love is mere a word ?
No, its not though its longevity has a doubtful existence. I can explain it with an instance. When you feel you can't feel comfortable till you talk to or see a particular person,you are at the first step of platonic love, and it should not be mixed up with physical attraction, its chaste feeling of getting warmth in that person's company or association is nothing but ethereal form of love. You don't want anything than talking or seeing that person.But the moment the mind starts controlling your soul you come to the world of LOVE, which is not platonic.
Haven't all of us experienced it at least once in our lifetime? I have intrigued your senses, go and dig the warmth in your relations. Might be you are answer to my doubt of its existence forever, want to share? Do that.

Sangeeta Sharma

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Spontaneous feelings

My nine year old niece, Angel,  got holiday home work to write a poem on frienshipship. The poem is meant for the age group of 6 to 10 yr old.


Friendship is priceless
It is timeless.
It is the ship of buddies best
Which never gets wrecked.

Friendship is only for angels sweet
Who care, love and tweet
Frienship is lifeline
that cures all worries and pine.

Where no one can help
Friends come with smiling gel
Friendship is so very pure in taste
Don't let it go in waste.

Sangeeta Sharma

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Spontaneous Feelings

My mind yesterday asked me
What knowledge should be
For the tender learners
Whom acquiring is like a transformer
From savage to sane communicator.
At the empty corner sat cognitive
Replied in affirmative
Knowledge so communicating
The dynamic processing
Of truth tracking.
The right scientific side smiled
At the logical and practical beside
Those theoritical and imaginative justified.
The left emotional side
Gave me imaginative mind
To show the dexterity so refined
That flows in the words of my poetry realised.
The answer my desiring conscious got
All that is felt and answers what
Is knowledge acquired the most.

Sangeeta Sharma


Nothing Succeeds like Success
Racking your brains, toiling hard, lifting the load and sweating it out are some of the advices we have been lecturing on everytime we are with the people of calibre. The question arises how many of us really bother to listen to that lengthy and boring preaching. Ofcourse most of you agree with me with smile on your face.
We are also directed to be focused, confident, positive, vibrant thinker, enthusiastic, perseverant and hopeful to pocket success. But these only appear words or printed marvels and not success mantra. Then what is success mantra?
Yes, it is something we might have never thought of. Let me explain with one of the riddles. If you are in a room, which is dark and dingy, with just a match box with one match stick in it and found a candle, a gas stove and a lantern, which one you light up first? Trust me most of us would go for candle. Without giving a second to presence of mind ,we will try different options but not the real answer that is a match stick. Here is the trick of getting successful in life also. To be successful we need to have want and want so badly that our tenacity will drive us to the top. RIGHT RECOGNITION OF OUR STRENGTHS AND AVAILABLE RESOURCES CAN PREPARE A SMOOTH SAIL FOR US.
Idea is, before taking someone’s suggestions, identify your sparkling and twinkling success mantras matching your calibre and style to fashion your fate and that too by your own industry and focused decisions. So, like the energy of an atom, man’s potential exists within himself to be used.Donot run after success it will run after you if you realise and recognise your worth.

Sangeeta Sharma


Knowledge travels Ignorance crawls
Yesterday two of my bright students initiated a discussion on future plans and carrier making choices after xii standard. Manik with 96% marks in class xii feels he isn't focused and Amrit feels he has to be rich as soon as possible, as he wants his mother to bask in his glory of name, fame and recognition. Manik wants to be an entrepreneur ,but how, he is totally clueless.The best orators of my school are entangled in the maze of ignorance.As their guide and mentor with motherly concern i was touched with empathy.The obvious way out to show them right direction was empowering them with right way of planning by introspecting and contemplating . Alas! Today's education system leaves students with power packed package of knowledge but web of ignorance too.They know what is what but how to answer what they are totally in confusion.And trust me this is dilema of many students. Manik and Amrit represent the whole student community.
The need of the hour is to make holistic approach of education an avenue opened based education, where students know that after completion of degree program he'd be entering into the world of profession. Instead of teaching them the glory of good percentage we must teach them how to pick up best even with less marks. After all history has many examples of low achievers who proved their worth as shining stars. To quote some, we have examples of Albert Einstein , who was  expelled from school as he felt learning dates has no learning outcome than knowing the possible ways to stop wars amongst nations, Abraham Lincoln, the US President, was not even well educated and there's no record of formal education of great literary personality William Shakespeare and history has imprints of many such examples.The point is not to loose one's individuality but important is to recognize one's potential.
If one gets diluted in self mistrust the target seems unachievable.Education must support learning which removes the clouds of ignorance from students' misconception about carrier making programmes. Right in secondary school they must be directed on various professions based on their streams. Practical visits to professional bureaus and interviewing well settled professionals make these students knowledgeable in true sense."If not this than this" option with regard to various professional and degree programmes must be a source of increase in their horizon.Before they actually enter a college life, a mock drill of applying in colleges to decision making in selecting the course must be rehearsed at school level only.
They know how many courses are there,what is the scope, duration,which college but ignorant what best suits their own caliber.Alas!Knowledgeable but ignorant.
Let education mentors them that knowledge travels but ignorance crawls.
Sangeeta Sharma

Friday, 13 June 2014


If someone holds grudges against you
Forgive him for his illumined views
As he knows no he is week
Forgiveness is only for strong and sweet
Doesn’t he know the preciousness of forgiveness
Devoid he is of love and tenderness
Blunder he is inviting
Knows no respect he is avoiding
Remember in forgiving lies defeat
Of your enemy who tried to proceed
With motives unclean.
Injury with words is an insult
Forgiveness a mighty sword in turn.
Forgiveness make you attain height
Of the ways and trends of that divine
Who’s known for his unique rewards
In the form of forgiveness an award.

Sangeeta Sharma
From the Pages of Life

"Marriage to me is commitment and I resist it."

Manan is thirty five year old unambitious, emotional,friendly and gregarious guy from Delhi.
Life to him is nothing but free from being chained up in social ties like marriage, as expectations from other half are just impossible to meet up.He is writer, producer and director of the pages of his mortal life. The reel begins from his association with his three friends, all chaotic in weaving their carriers and dreams, yet cemented in their friendship. With the help of their NRI friend , Mohit , they started a computer institute. Manan was the only know how person amongst them, yet salaried.The institute was more a pass time to these guys with similar vision:playing cricket with frivolous remarks in between for each others playing methodologies and of course the irresistible, girls.The childish frolic was part and parcel of their personality.
Mohit , the invester , soon started with insecurities of going bankrupt if same routine would be followed up. Line of action was initiated with recruitment of three female employees.Rush of students was expected but two friends couldn't avoid the charms of open minded Raveena, the HR Manager of the institute.Woman creates wall of drift between two bosom friends and that's what happened between two partners Mohit and Mukesh.Temptations were offered by Mohit to Manan and Mayank to stay but Manan was honest of his creed.
loss of twelve and half K was not much for Manan , as he had skill of computer handling in his hand. He got other job where he was whole soul potential arbiter. Same routine of calling friends over eating and drinking became their energy boosters.They wanted to drink life till the lease so, dating,drinking and daring became their trade marks.Not knowing where life was stretching them, they were all unaware of time's offerings.
To Manan the real world is virtual world, as it offers the inside of human beings.They are far away from masks they wear, deception and double standards.They show their real self , as nobody hurts them virtually, they all walk in the same boat.The pleasure of being true and genuine is a miss in this so called real world.He has taken his complete contentment in the virtual world.Mohit is settled with growing business and happy married life, Mayank shifted to UK and progressing and Mukesh still dwindling in the middle way of business and family but happily married .
Manan has vested all his search for soul mate in virtual world, ironically where he met a girl, who was an AIDS patient. All  luck was perhaps of his mother's blessings that he came out with a narrow escape.
Still he doesn't want to marry  because the virtual world has captivated all his attention. He finds it more realistic. Is it what human endeavor all about?  Isn't virtual world an unsolved riddle? Isn't human goal has remained a never ending search? Has marriage really become a burden for today's generation? I'm in search for the answers from the pages of life itself.

Sangeeta Sharma

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

They say..........

They say we are alive
To breath and fight
One another life
Of no care but only strife.
They say we are alive.
Coarse and devilish bind
Humanity in shackles so tight
They say we are alive.
One moment of relief
Costs uncountable tears shed in brief
Smiles buried in pain so profound
They say we are alive.
Deception a reality
Reality a deception
And they say we are alive

Man just a thing
And thing whole life
And they say we are alive
Darkness lights life
Light closes our eyes
And they say we are alive
A dead dies with abundance of faces around
Ah! Life lost in vacuum nowhere to be found
And they say we are alive.

Sangeeta sharma