Friday, 1 April 2016

                                                                             Pic  Courtesy: ASHNA SINGHAL
                                                                                                                     DPS INDONESIA 

“Love is surrender”. “Love is care”. “Love is sacrifice”. “Love is selflessness”. “Love is all about pain”. “Love is unconditional”. “Love has no religion” and quotes are endless. People take love as per their notion and acceptance rules. To some it becomes walking talking dictionary of words on love. Are you surprised? Are you thinking that I am going to wrap the very word wearing attire of deception? No, for me “Love is convenience these days.”
You are in love, right? Let’s measure its force in your life. You have fallen in love recently and now trying to woo your partner. You text to your partner on one of the social sites,” Without you my days are nights and nights are days.” Your partner feels at the top of world. The technological heart pops up on the screen. Your technological loving efforts become part of FB messenger or what’s app chats. Love feeling words are read within lines. Your sacrifice in love is all about blocking some not very accepted friends by your partner and using social sites which he/she doesn’t approve. Replying back immediately getting message, talking for hours and sending best of images has become utmost care and source of joy. Your partner gets angry technologically by switching off the gadget. You pine and crave and miss his/her by becoming machine at machine. Love has become convenience in expressions and intensity.
Love tiffs over catching you online till midnight not with your partner but someone else take a turn of apologising and seeking pardon for days and night chats. No ego, you know. How blissful?
The time of writing love letters by pouring your heart full of passionate love has been taken over by “Google search Love letters”. Its softness is all about abbreviating the emotions and feelings attached to it in text messages. Its privacy has confined to thousands of minds working behind the technological set up. Love has squeezed itself to electronic gadget you are carrying and updating it as status on your FB wall. “ In complicated relationship”, “ In love”, “ Engaged”, “ Not single anymore” and these are not the only ones, expressions keep floating every third day rather in some cases every third hour, the most convenient way to let the world know about your love.
The most comfortable zone in this technological love is “Virtual Meetings”. Just Skype and distance will not be a hurdle at all. The plus is your date is not controlled by heavy restaurant bills, expenditure on gifts, nice looking attires, accessories and commuting expenses in its preliminary stage. Who has the time to run around trees and sing love songs or sit in parks to be absorbed in its existence? After all, all those are outdated and unconventional these days. Who wants eye contacts and real smiles on the face when there is variety of smiles on innumerable images of emoji in your gadget?
Love effects of sleeplessness are to getting awake and chatting with other friends and groups. After all you have to spend quality time with rest of the social relations. You can do it easily with your love talks with your partner and amazingly without letting him/her feel ignored. After all love means spending lots of time with each other and this way it’s so easy, as easy as falling in love.
Flirt in love too is effortless. Just two windows and the game of flirtation is on, provided your partner has not geeked on you. Do you think I am counting the blessings of “Technological Love”? Read within lines and translate its curses. Convenience is not wrong but its application is wrong. Breathe love in its beauty from head to toe. Mechanical love is short lived and full of impulsive feelings. It blindfolds you to land up in wrong love decisions and relationships as well.
One apple was eaten by Eve and we got that curse as legacy, and one apple is part and parcel of our life which would be inherited by our children. Give a deep thought over it.Experience love in its chaste being and not in its guised face and feel it’s convenient permanency in your life.
Sangeeta Sharma