Monday, 14 March 2016


Why Arguments?
Sometimes we are in a situation where we have to establish our point of view through arguments not because we feel other is trying to demean us but because we feel what we know and have expertise over is taken other way around by the person.We feel our dignity immediately come in defensive mode and there starts exchange of words which gradually changes into heated arguments.

Argument...Literally means exchange of views esp. heatedly plus for or against the reason. Its a hard fact that everybody is entitled to have his or her views.It's his or her right of expression; the fundamental right. Trouble walks in when we meet someone having difference of opinion.The other person thinks his point of view is right and actually it must be as he has got the solid reasons for arguing for his motion. 
Problem is not to be firm with one's own opinion but uneasiness starts when we condemn other's point of view and forgetting about our own. That is the root of an issue. If we have control and grip on our point of view and if we are sure of what we treasure as knowledge than we'll not argue with others.I can illustrate it with an example. There's an apple tree and if some moron comes and starts claiming it to be a mango tree, will it be? It will remain an apple tree no matter what people say, think or throw at it.
If we understand this simple "argument" our communication with people will get simplified. We'll start smiling at the onset of such situations where arguments will take place. 
Saying "no comments" or simply walk out of the situation is not a cowardice but wisdom. After all "Speech is silver and Silence is gold." And glitter of gold can't be argued upon.
When we allow other person present his point of view with acceptance,
question of argument will never arise. I'm what I am. You are what you are. Adding or subtracting with the help of words will not define us, but how we react surely will.
Choice is entirely yours.You want to be you or be what others want you to be .Ball is in your court always.

Sangeeta Sharma