Saturday, 20 February 2016


He held the mike for the first time in his hands with his heart pumping very fast and his all concentration centered in his inhibition and self doubt. He assimilated all his oratory powers and gave the best speech ever in the school, for which he still owes and feel gratitude for his motivating and inspiring Hindi teacher, Mrs. Ruchika, who gave him chance to showcase his potential. After that there's no looking back for him. He has traveled baby steps to elevator to reach the zenith.

Making was not so easy. He too stumbled many a times when he didn't get support of circumstances and people. Even his own zeal deceited him while eyeing the fish eye. Than his tongue became his best friend. In odds his golden words hugged him like a mentor. His passion of addressing held the  fingers of his determination like a mother giving warm protection to her child. He  started walking steady and with wisdom.

When home had no roof, warmth had no cosines, friends' trust was merely a mistrust and love of relatives had lost its colors, he decided to empower his strength to be the best. Yes, he is the best.....applauded everyone when he visited Pakistan for international MUN event. Thunderous applaud perched in his pigmy compassionate chest when he started preparing, mentoring and organizing MUN event in his own school , where he had first looked straight into those 1600 eyes and hypnotized everyone including some who were not very sure of he being he. 

In the times when his besties had opposed him and mocked him, he got shattered and felt alone, life kept balance for him to walk with self trust. He started planning running to flying.There in his shell the caterpillar started taking its metamorphosis into butterfly. Like an elephant he started walking very subtle and not paying any heed to words of discouragement in his ears. The only point he was seeing was his success in the world of orators.  

He wants to be rich not because he wants to have treasure but because he wants his sister to be a doctor and wants to be in that abandoned house which he left to be what he is now and wants to be in future. He dreams to house all happiness and joy for his family from whom he's been away ever since  he was 12. Tiny innocent child still is alive in his hopes, though he grew so old and mature in his childhood. 

Amrit Khatri, a student of Ramjas college might not be a name for so many but those who know him know that he is going to write his story of success page  by page and one day a complete book to read for others to name him in their appreciations and in vouching him for shining through his struggle.

He has a long way to go and he is covering the distance with stick of his optimism, positivity and passion. Time anticipates his glint from baby steps to elevator. He is holding the pen of his story to put a full stop and he knows when that would be.

We, all his well wishers, offer him nothing but our smiles straight from our hearts. Smiles that mean encouragement and trust in his abilities and the feel that we are proud of him.                      

Amrit: Nectar.......Live unto thy name....Timeless, boundless and Immortal.

Sangeeta Sharma