Saturday, 16 January 2016


Tik tok tik tok..... The needles of minutes, seconds and hours in the examination hall define all your preparations for the exam. The all ' I have prepared" hovers around in your mind and on your face during writing your paper, may be not to you but to the invigilator for sure. 
One at the last bench is eating her nails, other one is writing his paper confidently and taking extra sheets one after another, perplexed look on one face and frown on other, one pondering deep and other not writing at all, one looking in vacuum and trying to get answer from mate by looking into his/her paper, these are the gestures that I have been watching in my students for past 15 years of my teaching experience during invigilation. Every facial expression narrated a story to me, the story of unsaid words of their unconscious minds.
Every preparation shapes our various emotions and feelings and that reflects in our tasks or actions. What is the capsule to avoid pain of stress and struggle during examination? Good preparation is the only answer we all know but before preparations we need one most important analysis that is SWOT analysis. Although its a management tool for managers , but every year I ask my students to follow it religiously for their upcoming board exams.
Its like thermometer and stethoscope for a doctor. You need an objective mind and genuine friend to help you do your SWOT analysis at some interval of time which you decide for yourself , say every third day or weekly.
Identify your strengths in preparing yourself for exams, for example you have good rote memorization power, cash it to memorize everything which is important and unavoidable, say periodic table in chemistry, than comes recognizing your weaknesses which your buddy can tell you better, say you can't concentrate and mugging up is all time problem with you, after you get to know those find solution for the same. For instance mnemonics can help you remember certain facts or rules but don't try in everything.....remember BODMAS,VIBGYOR? You still remember it, isn't it?
  Opportunities of grasping new and updated facts and content should not be missed out, for that you must be attentive in your class to listen to the teachers attentively and by using your chat time with friends at any social site for discussing relevant and important things than gossiping about friend's latest gadget or Hollywood actor/actress. Last but not the least are threats. They are ticking time bombs; diffuse them by anticipating and taking preventive actions. For example procastination and lethargy can be avoided by planning according to time table you have set for yourself. Let not snowball roll down to be bigger in size.
You can avoid all your anxieties, nervousness and stress by ticking the tik tok right.
Happy and tik tok tick preparations for your board exams.

Sangeeta Sharma