Sunday, 6 December 2015

Love Perfect

Comes voice so swift in hues
of love, 
to undo past sour and tough
to breath, live, ecstatic and firm.
Eyes of perception mind of faith
that walks whispers to run
that feels tears to vanish
that smiles sadness of her life.

The blink so insightful
The touch of untouched
yearns saving and engraving
intense and passionate laddering 
of two beings unified in one.

Healer of lacerated soul
pinnace of life and love
for burking all that that was harrowing
to her body, mind and soul.
Love attired in human form
or her soulmate earthborn?

Love loving imperfect perfect
giving it language of silent surrender
arms of wonder
heart of passion
feet of freedom
from all that was excruciating and troublesome.
and mind to travel distance of distant yet a savior
to spring in her life unsung music so musical.

Sangeeta Sharma