Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Soul Talks
Incessant Desires Sporadic Grants
Human desires are like perennial rivulets, surging ad infinitum from its source to mouth of mortal life. During its course these desires shape its visage as per our needs and resources available,hither to overlooking the hindrances it meets during its flow. Relationship of our desires and sources of getting it fulfilled is like rule of demand and supply but with a difference in rule. There's always more demand but supply is always less.
Where to put full stop to these everlasting desires in abundance? Question to contemplate on but ironically mortals have excuses to exercise it, ranging from needs to no control on its velocity and intensity. I personally believe, we human beings are brim bags of control and power to keep a tight rein on our desires, and that to as per sporadic grants.
It might reminds us of famous idiom, " Cut Coat According To Cloth." But desires are not cloth like that we can tailor it into our size coat. They travel from nowhere to somewhere, take different forms and turn easy in accessibility, after all they don't cost you anything but your peace and your deteriorated approach to come grips with. Ah! does that mean we flout its adverse impact on us? Instead we need to dam its flow and current.
Dam of comprehending our limits to desire and banking these desires is must, evidently precaution and stringent action must be lined up or else ruinous loss is sure shot. Question that hammers us is, " How?" How to what comes by exercising control over our unlimited desires for which have limited grants.
Think big but not that big that squeezes our efforts of attaining and fulfilling it.  Meet targets but not at the cost of shunting your goals. Compare but not the success but hardships born by the achiever. Contemplate but not to sleep away its focus. Compete not with others but with your own pace at different levels. Limit but not to limit your positivism to pull off it.Learn but not to ignore it. Sustain but not to own it or obsess with it.Pass but to discover it and realize it. Desire but not to ignore its grant. Love but not to be blinding on reality.Dream but don't dream impossible.

"Dreaming should not dream away your dream of becoming dream of others." Have you started desiring it? All the luck.

Sangeeta Sharma

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Translation Of Life

Life is escalation of everything we have, desire, need or yearnings. It has no minus theory. It only multiplies everything we accrual from it and for it. From the growth of tiny seed underneath earth to clouds formation , everything is offered to us in cornucopia.Life in its credence is as light as happiness and in its meaning as  heavy as burden.
All our joys are product of smiling at life and accepting it with its all burdens smilingly. If we learn that simple rule of existence in our lives we get away with pain and stress of bearing its burden.This way we have nothing to loose we have just moments and time to cherish. We lament over loss of life of our dear one , separation, hardships, struggle, stress and ordeals that Life offers us resulting in creation of vacuum, minus feelings and gaps. Are these unanswered or riddled?
 Every maze has a key to break it open so has all the gaps to get filled and vacuum to be filled with positive smiling attitude. Its not convoluted rather its as easy as one plus one equals to two. No matter how hard hit its meaning to taste is, in carrying its just a quill which we carry with our hands of positive mindedness and strong will power. We have power  of perception  and the power of willingness within us to lessen its load. There's no question whose answer is not known and there's no riddle whose solution is not there and life has all the answers to all our questions within it.
Sun rays brighten the surroundings so does moon though it shines in the night, we shed  tears when we bear pain , so are they shed when we are ecstatic, the same knife which is used to kill someone is also used to save patient's life , some people are angels in your life, but the same person can be a demon for someone else. Its how we need to eye life.
Life horns us at all its signals, all we need to do is to obey it and follow it. Those signals crossed will cause accident, that too fatal one. Of course we as drivers are leading our route as our own masters but rules of driving life is entirely our own translation of it. And life in translation is all beautiful, romantic, loving, constructive and subtle. Thats why it has no minus formula. Agree? Hold it tight and don't let it slip by, drink it till the lees .

Sangeeta Sharma


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Love Perfect

Comes voice so swift in hues
of love, 
to undo past sour and tough
to breath, live, ecstatic and firm.
Eyes of perception mind of faith
that walks whispers to run
that feels tears to vanish
that smiles sadness of her life.

The blink so insightful
The touch of untouched
yearns saving and engraving
intense and passionate laddering 
of two beings unified in one.

Healer of lacerated soul
pinnace of life and love
for burking all that that was harrowing
to her body, mind and soul.
Love attired in human form
or her soulmate earthborn?

Love loving imperfect perfect
giving it language of silent surrender
arms of wonder
heart of passion
feet of freedom
from all that was excruciating and troublesome.
and mind to travel distance of distant yet a savior
to spring in her life unsung music so musical.

Sangeeta Sharma