Thursday, 19 November 2015

Third Eye

Then it got captured.......   

Walked it leisurely in the temple of learning

Much was the hue and cry
scaled body hopped in rescue and in fright
Its forked tongue came in action of sight
I in amazement clicked and recorded in mind
Looked dragon like with brownish green suffice
Long tailed toothless beast of woods
amongst the most horrified
didn't know its plight.

Writhing crawling curves touched the soil
Ah! To get vanished in soil
monarch of its land
became captive in mortal hands
Its powers all arrested in gather
to take it and gulp in manner.

some opened the popping pupil of eyes
some talked of the species venom and lives
Some directing, some concealed watching the bright
I ran to capture it in my machine of light
Oh!  Light became its dungeon dark
never it knew it'd be captivated when
stroll of unknown will it ply.
Its long snake like face wrapped around
legs and hands too in brown
Making it victim of transient frowns
Yes! it got captured and bound
But everybody same and alike
only it was which lost its life.

Sangeeta Sharma