Monday, 16 November 2015


Emotions are spontaneous arousal of strong feelings of love, care, hate, fear, surprise and many more. The more subjective and valence our reactions the more is intensity, stimulation , pleasure or aversion is.They effect the whole cosmic process of our cognition, physical expressions, neurological process and tendency of desire or action.Emotions stay in our conscious as well as subconscious mind, so to say in our intellect as well as our logical mind. Reach depends on the ability of controlling power of human beings. Precisely emotional outbursts vary from person to person. The more sensitiveness cater to heightened emotions whereas tied up feelings, snubbed feelings and caged feelings doesn't find easy purse in our system. Do we need to train ourselves to be demonstrative of our emotions? Big question.
Answer is concealed in our perceptive and volitional mind. Yes, our Intellect.Emotions are submissive babies with lots of elasticity. They make their way through odds also. That's why we are preached to smile even in pain and brave the situations threatening us. Emotions are as flexible and effortless as elastic. We don't need to teacher them rather we must let them bloom like sprinkling fountain of all our feelings.
Intellectual brain is made up of our will and of our feel. Its all what we call wisdom, mental calibre of range, accuracy, problem solving capacity, logical faculties and above all judiciousness. When it combats with emotions and sentiments it concretes them to let its cognitive approach win. Intellects are concrete. They stop our flexibility and mar our natural impulses. Again the question arises Do we guide intellect to be flexible? Obvious question.
No, will be concrete answer to this question and we are not tangible existences, we have powers to stipulate our wise judgements mixed with feel for others benefit. When we learn to become successful in our life the efforts we are not devoid of feelings of dedication, willingness, patience and happiness. Elastic emotions get concreted in our system of intellect.

Rationalize your inner self with fusion of atomic blast of feelings and perception, soft sentiments with wisdom and above all elastic stretch with concrete blend . Take care of right proportion otherwise they spill out of brim.