Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Stress: How to Combat
Stress stretches its reach from mind to heart. Usually people with vulnerable disposition are prone to stress.That doesn't mean people with strong will power can't suffer from it, of course ratio varies, intensity differs and also its magnitude. 
Past many days I have talked to many people who are in look out of ways to relieve themselves from stress. The easy accessible choice is meditation, diversion and avoidance of food, people and situations that stress us out.The question is , is it really feasible to follow these suggestions religiously, as your mind gets tresses of stress curtaining your power to combat it.
I would not suggest you to eat healthy and not to take lot of caffeine, walk, talk, divert or meditate. Not at all. You are already bewildered, can't remain at calm than how would you follow these.So, what's the solution?
Stress junks your thinking mind and increases your emotions of heart burn, overthinking and impulsive attitude. The best way is to cash all these negatives of stress by making them positive. Hmmmm! I can sense line of doubt on your temple and mode of interrogation and inquiry. How a devil can be an angel? Right?  In the following  passage I am going to share the tact of making devil of outcomes of stress  in angel of combating it.
When we are stressed first sign is over thinking. Over thinking is good ,use it as stress reliever pill. Keep thinking about the thing troubling you till you go saturated and exhausted and finally want to have a sound sleep. Sleep keeps us away from having negative thoughts. Make sure you sleep in peaceful room where you don't have the noise or disturbance of any sort.
Sleeplessness is another problem of stress. Even after exerting yourself mentally you won't feel like sleeping start physical exertion.....not exercising......do which is constructive for you like cooking, cleaning your wardrobe, dusting, mopping and for that matter even washing clothes . It will not only occupy you in things easy to do but will give you space for yourself to keep yourself away from disinterestedness which is one of the aftereffects of stress.
Become a chatter box, stay close to people you trust and socialise with like minded people.Talking about your problem will find you some solution as you are not in a state who can think wise. Trustworthy people are not only all ears to your problems but they offer solace to you. Their aura helps you combat stress.
Eat what you like. All of us our sensitized people , we know what to consume and how to consume in balanced way even if we are ailing. Isn't it? Pamper yourself with things that delights you. Buy yourself new attire, cosmetic, wallet or anything you want. Budgeting comes automatic when you are stressed.
Don't stay alone ever. It makes you feel segregated and different than rest of the people. Don't avoid a laughter rather arrange for something which is comical, funny and even absurd. How about cartoon watching or reading Tin Tin cartoon magazine . Yes, reading doesn't limits you with your age and knowledge. You can read anything anytime. Moreover these types of things don't require focus and concentration.
Above all, don't let your foggy mind dominate your rational mind as than only you'll be able to do all these things. Must be thinking that its not in control, but trust me during stress we have everything under our control because we are dedicating our whole thought process to one problem only.All we have to remember is " This is the time to take best out of the situation". 
You never know after the phase of stress you discover or invent something which gets you recognition and stress free life.