Saturday, 31 October 2015

 When Start Started

Phoenix is a mythical bird which cyclically regenerates itself. It reproduces itself from the ashes of its predecessors. Might the question hammering many intellects why mention of phoenix for this scribble of my pen.
 For me we are all like phoenix notwithstanding  our being into shackles of kindred.Nevertheless we all are individuals with our own self, being and presence. Precisely  we all too are phoenix. If we comprehend this perhaps many of our troubles would take a back seat. If we all know to regain and reborn from our set of ordeals, existence of stress, heart burns and even ailments (Although not all but some) will be of minimal birth. Seems ambiguous, right?
Time offers us many damages in our life and I am no great not to face that. At the outset the broken pieces of my aspirations from people and situations mirrored my dying soul. Was that the end of everything? No, infact it was the start of gathering all broken pieces into one whole, my real meaning of subsistence . Everything initiated like birth of a sapling, so beautiful, magnificent, unsullied, tender and luxuriant.
I reproduced myself from my ashes of traumas, distress and miseries. Were those dead organisms really required to make me or spoil me? No. the power lies within all of us. Power to be phoenix in our lives. Don't bury it and whiz it out and mingle with dust and ashes. Remember the core takes birth from dust and gets back to dust only, the dust of start is the start.
No looking back to anything that is short lived or was superfluous ,give a peep instead into pores of dust to grow crop of hope to harvest life. This new shoot can brave any storm of life as it knows its roots are in dust and not in the sky. Deeply sowed and intact roots will grow in you a person so strong and mighty. Phoenix of you start the start to get started, if you trust yourself and your worth arrows of worldly sufferings will pinch you needle point only.
Start gathering the ashes of your injuries and be a phoenix to help yourself not to recycle your miseries and misfortunes.