Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Fear smiling on proposal
Walks are not normal to my routine but whenever I have want to find myself I want to be in the company of nature. Headphones in my ear and plodding at the track, here I go. The confidence on my face has but a fearful face. Yes, I fear real people around me with their dubious and zero expression faces.
Music has medicinal impact on an injured soul so, with music of my taste I make my walk very interesting and enjoyable. At times I go so engrossed listening to my best songs that things, people and everything else go lost from my sight and mind. I start meditating music, but yesterday had something different to offer to me.
While walking on the track I felt somebody's constant and still gaze on me though I didn't see anyone but I sensed it. Thanks to sixth sense gifted to women. Obvious uneasiness and fear of real people dominated my thought process. I confirmed of wearing no precious jewellery and continued. Anticipation was the next step...should I go back home or continue with my routine one hour walk...what if somebody tries robbing me of my expensive phone? Series of apprehensions cropped up in my mind but I kept erasing them and continued with my walk. I started looking around thinking it could be just my hallucination as I fear real people but my heart came in my hand as there  was no one in the park except me, some stray dogs , trees, benches and a guy sitting on one of side benches in the park.
"I must go back home" , I heard my own voice commanding me, as it was already 7: 50 p.m and that too February month.Teaching my kids that greatest fear is to fear itself and finding myself in the same situation made me strengthen all by myself to continue my walk without fearing that chap who was constantly fixing his eyes on me.I decided to give the angry looks back to him so that he must know I was fearless. I felt my effort was in vain, as he seemed to be unaffected.
To my surprise I found him moving a bit to other side of the seat. I kept walking with sunken heart as  I wanted to combat my fear of real people.He moved his arm as if was searching for something under the seat my heart beat rose and head started throbbing of self invited danger," but after all it is residential area and he can't do anything" , I contemplated.  From nowhere power of facing the situation with courage increased my determination to continue with my walk. He stood and started walking towards me with long steps my immediate reflex was that I picked a stone and kept walking and he started running towards my direction.I started walking faster towards the gate of the park so that if any odd he would try I would yell and call people around. I found that he was running and coming closer, hardly at one hand distance he was when I raised my hand to hit him with the stone in my hand but he crossed me and hugged a girl who was standing just at my right hand side near thick bushes, partially hiding herself. My hand raised up in throwing stone pose,  immediately took an exercise position to get over the embarrassment. 
I heard him saying to the girl, "See, I found you even in dark now say yes to my proposal." By this time I was out of the gates of the park but heard their giggles . Fear smiled inside me and said, "Wow! What a cute proposal."
Fear made me experience 10 minutes of terror washed away in one minute of beautiful feelings of these couple.

Sangeeta Sharma