Monday, 29 December 2014

Soul Talks
Brain of Brainless

" From where are you coming so late?", asked me an unmarried girl of around 27 or 28 years old, who is patient of neurodevelopment disorder ( with IQ below 70). The girl with unkempt boy cut hair, little masculine stature, around 5 feet 3 inches with a squint in an eye stays in my neighborhood. Her usual routine includes taking an empty vessel in her hand and roam around in the streets of our area.
December month was hectic for me because of professional demands and for two days I was coming back late from school, around 9:30 or10:00 in the night, which of course is unusual. Such bizarre routine is no stress for my family members, as its quite seldom and moreover its pre informed. Indeed the girl's query was little surprising for me. I still told her about school function because of which school timings got changed for few days, though heart of heart I was thinking why I was answering her as she was incapable of comprehending the situation. Next day again I got late as there was heavy traffic jam on the roads and it was raining too. To my surprise she was sitting at the protruded cemented platform near my house and that too in rain of December month. Now it was my turn to ask her why she was sitting at that odd hour and in that bad weather outside. She answered with her child like smile that she was waiting for me to come as I told her the previous day about my coming late the very next day as well. This unnoticed girl won my heart and I felt bad for getting scared of her initially. The brainless has caring mind. Some tears of concern came in my eyes. I asked her to go home as I was back but she was not convinced. She asked about my son who was alone at home. I was just awestruck with her caring interrogations. She kept asking about various other things about school, and I kept answering her with interest. She bid goodbye and I kept watching her till she was inside the gates of her house.
Now every morning when I wait for my friend to pick me up for school at around 7 10,when thick fog surrounds the trees, roads and houses and its 4 degrees temperature ,this girl comes around and keeps talking to me from her problem of swelled face, her taking medicine and inquiry about my upcoming winter vacation. The brainless with her tiny brainy inquisitive mind has made me ponder deep about people in your so called cosy world who has intellects but they go dump headed when it comes to show affection, care, concern and few words of empathy. They don't even ask about your well being even you tell them you were not well or you were hospitalized.Instead they would bring some past irrelevant situation in picture or anything else which would make you also drift apart. Alas! The world of brains has brained itself to brainlessness.... So Ironical.

Sangeeta Sharma