Sunday, 16 November 2014

Soul Talks
Thinking that doesn't think to think
My usual way of using alliterations in my sentences catch me lot of interrogations by my readers. "Thinking that doesn't think to think" is one of it.Storm of questions started blowing when I quoted it while discussing in a group chat at whats app. I have personified thinking and made it appear contemplate on various aspects of life. At times we don't even give a notice, hence, thinking that doesn't think.
Perception on life or anything is build by human being's thinking ability. Without concentration it travels to vague places and weird situations. In this situation we are focused not on one thing but on various other irrelevant issues that don't even need our attention. Human Nature, inquisitive and involved, try to pocket everything that it doesn't know even a bit about. In this quest of grabbing and treasuring we get prone to mechanical adaptations that is robot like.
This perfunctory becomes a reflex with so many of us and we speak or act without thinking as we impulsively react to situation where remorse, guilt, self pity or pulling apart attitude starts. Thinking junks. It gets pregnant with negative thoughts. What if such and such thing happens how would I perform...? Knitting web of chaos and seeding negativity becomes routine.
On thinking no one has control, it is like that irrepressible kid who takes a flight to sun ( Like Icarus......In Greek Mythology, Icarus  is the son of the master craftsman Daedulus. Often depicted in art, Icarus and his father attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. Icarus' father warns him first of complacency and then of hubris, asking that he fly neither too low nor too high, because the sea's dampness would clog his wings or the sun's heat would melt them. Icarus ignored instructions not to fly too close to the sun, and the melting wax caused him to fall into the sea where he drowned.)  and then melts with wax wings.
Thinking to think good is the only control which we can exercise. It flies and surely will it but the way we routine mechanically to sustain life and then drown in the sea of death, similarly we can channelize it to think positive and constructive. After all this approximately 1130  cubic centimeter organ is a magic box of our own metabolic system and we must work on its functioning worth our smiles and happiness.
An ailing thinking will lead us to the hinterland where everyone and everything is alluring but not consistent. Do you think our existence is just worth this?
Answer is self explanatory. Befriend your thinking, propose her with your passion and seduce her to let you and her overflow in ecstasy and finally marry her for perpetual bond.
Think to think about spreading positive thinking.
Hope I'll not find "Icarus" to this sermon.

Sangeeta Sharma