Saturday, 1 November 2014

Strength of self is always an epicenter of our self introspection. Is it really? Yes, the doubt has already crawled in hiding the most delicate attribute of our personality...Confidence. Most of my readers keep asking me the ways to accumulate self recognition power. I find them dwindling between  the area of self doubts for being fit for someone or something or in the periphery of being confident about someone or something.
To answer this I would like to first of all  explain what "self" actually is? Is it what you show as behavior, person or character to someone or is it buried feelings and sentiments which constitutes your self worth...self recognition.Surprised....but that's what we are. Aren't you? We carry always a baggage along, baggage of goodness, worthy of care, love, recognition and various other goody goody of our impression on others. But actual us never become transparent, it remains in the state of oblivion as it gives us security and sense of safety and also loads of self praise for being very intelligent and smart actors and actresses. Surprisingly, we bank upon this hiding game. And here we start marking line for series of self doubts, as we show what we are not and we hide what we want or like.Dear friends, opaqueness reflects ambiguity and vagueness. Don't fog your sanity, as qualm gets permanent and you tend to forget entirely about your real self, of which once you were proud of concealing. Here starts uneasiness, bad temperament, life in cocoon, slithering confidence,mistrust and above all self doubt. Swords of doubt and confidence shine high at this juncture. Who would win?...another doubt...doubt after doubt and answer is rather rhetorical.
I surely won't preach about being your real self, be what you are and etc. etc. etc....Dear friends, I am no saint to do so. And I am very clear about that.....if you can see doubt running and confidence victorious, you got your answer.
Self recognition is giving way to your real self. Create situations where, you are what you are and not what people want you to be. Self recognition , remember is for boosting your self confidence and to make someone happy , sadly we can never get success in making others contended of anything but we can make ourselves smiling at our own strengths and winning over our weaknesses.
Tapping self control can be an edge over but only if it reflects your self confidence otherwise it is nothing but crash of your self trust.....the seed of self recognition.
If you have doubt put it in zipper and forget. See yourself in mirror and say those three magical but effective words, "I LOVE YOU".........wait a sec.....still doubting.....dear friends its about loving yourself first.....fog is cleared and straight path without complexities and complications paves the way to you.....Just do it.

Sangeeta Sharma