Sunday, 28 September 2014

" Much and not many makes all the difference"
If we take troubles in our life as many it becomes easy for us to find solutions for our problems. Recently a friend of mine has passed through a problem, much in intensity, but he made himself blindfolded to many facets of it and got entangled in it. Of course I am not destiny decider for his life but as linked with him as good friend I have many things as controls in my hand for instance suggesting many ways to come clean out of the trouble or showing an alternate path of piling it up with much of perseverance and being positive. Yes what makes all the difference in our way of perceiving life is........Is it many fold or has much  to sort out?
With my experience I have learnt that life runs after you if you let it be.Let me give an example, You have a beautiful alluring toy in your hand and now you show it to an innocent kid, what would you expect? Will you run after a child to let it have or the child will run after you to take it? Yes, that is what we all to empower ourselves with. Life is that innocent child, its not at all complicated to let it chase you. Hand yourself with many attractions like smile, patience, positivity, self belief, empathy and let the magic run in your life. Never control your problems with much of stress and trauma, bring many attractions to make problem kneel down in front of your self trust.
However problems don't come in packets but we with the dint of our power of introspection can packet them. How? , is the obvious question ill expect from my readers. Can you captivate air,the automatic answer is no but we do compress it by  keeping it under a pressure that is greater than atmospheric pressure.Thats what is the solution to our much aggravated problems. Fist it by applying pressure of positivity and more enduring power that is greater than the much intensity of your problems.
Many is what we ought to give shape to, the moment liminial space for much is created we come under stress and depression. Locate your comfort zones by setting the directional needle to the solutions and not to the causes of your problems. Winning the situation is all about to think winning.
Make your problems countable and your strength as uncountable than only you'll have that sweet smile on your face even you are in midst of dying situation.
Practice: " " Much and not many makes all the difference, as we need to combat much, many are in our control."
Sangeeta Sharma