Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Warm Shades
Faceless chosen one
Many of us once in our lifetime meet somebody who acts as warm shade, I am no less than a fortunate. Dwindling enigma of interrogative doubts surrounded me then. Why me? How? When?....unanswerable. Nocturnal tear shedding, abhorrence for existence,  stigma of being the sufferer and above all self pity bore heavy burden on my heart, mind and soul.
May be blood relation , being acquaintance or being friends is not the only savior of drowning conscious, I realized then. There are definitely some people who are no relation to you but they share biggest and toughest relation of humanity. They have no face but their face value is far above the unquenchable desire to be the one. On them you put full stop with your eyes closed, as search of goodness calms there.
" We are the chosen ones", the statement was always haunting melody in my subconscious mind, but source of solace. The strength from nowhere used to equip me whenever my faceless brother used to console me of my pain and trauma. Magic was not in the words , magic was in the emotion with which i was made understand the brutality of the heartless world and was awakened with my eye of care, concern and love for my son. After all he is my world. 
I always find words taking a hiding place, whenever I want to write about that faceless brother of mine. Not cause time of strife has passed and I have reached to a point where i completely understand the world, but cause faceless care can not be wrapped in words. it can only be felt and be proud of. After all " I am the chosen one to bask under care and love of  faceless and brotherly being."
Thanks would bring face to the faceless and that would be very humanly and my faceless brother is far above the mortal existence, because he taught me to smile through my tears and fight life as a winner and not as a looser. Moreover, made me learn to balance between my impulses and my arrogance, and that can only be initiated by " A chosen One". 
I owe my peace of mind to my faceless brother and trying to multiply it by being the same..........Are you in stress, I am there to listen.
Sangeeta Sharma