Thursday, 5 June 2014

Today when I started writing I found everything at halt as if helping me to word my feelings.


Still is the sky
Up so high
Still is the sun
Compared to none
Still are my emotions
Today only with subdued motion
Have halted to accentuate
The heightened perpetuation
Recollected when in process
Of pondering and imagination in excess.
Still is the wave
prophecy of approaching rippling wait
Drawing two subliminal in close associate.
Still is the thought
To produce a fresh note
On something divine
In eyes and mind.
Still is the moon
To flaunt its beauty in bloom
Giving words to my poetry a room
Still is the movement
To drive the force achievement
From the flow of a countenance
With its perennial existence.
Still are the flowing words
To produce a poetry terse.
Still is my poetry
Today to merge into infinity.