Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Soul Talks
One of my friends quoted once a very catchy line, "  God is the biggest terrorist." Ever since he quoted this my soul was in search for explanations. The omnipresent, the omniscient and omnipotent ...a We are created from His womb to soar like an eagle but not on his directions as puppets. He gave us free will, as Milton said in his book Paradise Lost, " advise him of his happy state-happiness in his power left  to free will, left to his own free will, his will though free yet mutable."means, we can control our own happiness, but free will can turn this into something else if we are not careful. As quoted further by Milton," the mind is its own place, and in itself  can make a heaven of  hell and a hell of  heaven." If such descriptions are adopted by us as power mantra than for all our miseries we are the culprit, the real terrorist. God is merely the creator , he is not made us handicapped and dependent on him for all our actions.For an instance, my struggle is outcome of my own deeds ,my own behavior and my own karma and not what the almighty has ordained for me. He has served me with the platter full of sumptuous meal and it is i, who have to feed myself with that meal if i get contented or i crave for more is entirely my choice and not His compulsion. Its human nature to pass on the censure on somebody undefensive for all his failures and traumas and who else other than almighty be swallowing whatever we hold for Him or against Him.He might be a terrorist , but the terrorist of making us realize the ways of this unsolved and undefined life about which we still are unsure.God in true sense an unavoidable, ubiquitous presence in our unquenchable search for salvation.Hold His hand and you cross this vastness, See through His eyes and everything you find is so very beautiful, feel through His heart and you find solution to your problems. He gives indications and we need to recognize it. Unchain yourself from the tangles of worldly attractions and feel the spell and enigma of his power bestowed upon you.You no more get settled in web rather you find way through way like forks of a road.All you need to do is to travel the best chosen , by your own free will and that would surely make a difference as said by Robert Frost," And i took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference."
  "God is the final destination for all our futile search."
Sangeeta Sharma