Monday, 9 June 2014


Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Let me enter in your world and know who i am.
You are a stranger.
I am not. You know me but you avoid me.
If I avoid you than you are not reliable.Sorry, you may not enter into my beautiful world.
Without me your world can't be beautiful. Its incomplete.
You talk dubious. I must not trust you.
Trust is developed when you rely, when you explore me.
Why should I put my faith in you when I don't even know you.
Know me than.
You are dictating your terms or what?
No, I want you to reflect.
Is it a compulsion?
No, its your chance to get empowered.
I am confused.
Open the windows of your heart.
Hmmmm. I see a light.
What else?
A ladder
That is of success. What more?
 I see pure bright light.
That is your good being.
Ah! I see an ugly face too.
That is your Id....the devilish side.
Theres darkness with saturated clouds.
That's your chaotic world, your unsolved riddles and your problems.
Oh! I see a valley, its so beautiful with its streams and flowers.
That's your interaction with the only one, the lord.
I never saw it before.
Because I wasn't there.
Who are you?
I'm your conscious............
How many of us actually interact with ourselves? I did. Self contemplation few days back was not part and parcel of my routine. I used to preoccupy myself in the world of worldly desires without knowing i was actually avoiding my conscious stepping in my world of mirage.Reason might have been many, from busy schedule to personal attractions, but i explored the ultimate divine. I am not trying to let the mind and heart shrink into unattainable, rather I want to open the bolt doors of everyone's conscious to the avenues of success, fame, love and ultimate contentment.That becomes possible with our venture with people and circumstances. I have centered all my inner strength not inside, but I have given it wings.Let it soar high in the vastness of sky to find its identification. And there I was gifted with shining star, I congregated it in my fist. I heard my conscious yell, Don't you take in your fist, it would slip, adorn it in your heart than only you'll feel contented. I reflected immediately. To my surprise its glued for immortality even after my soul would merge into infinity. Smile travels on my face perpetually unaffected with cruel face life offers me, after all that's also one of its side. I feel i have achieved what i have attained.

"To be one of somebody's being is your chaste being."
Sangeeta Sharma