Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Nothing Succeeds like Success
Racking your brains, toiling hard, lifting the load and sweating it out are some of the advices we have been lecturing on everytime we are with the people of calibre. The question arises how many of us really bother to listen to that lengthy and boring preaching. Ofcourse most of you agree with me with smile on your face.
We are also directed to be focused, confident, positive, vibrant thinker, enthusiastic, perseverant and hopeful to pocket success. But these only appear words or printed marvels and not success mantra. Then what is success mantra?
Yes, it is something we might have never thought of. Let me explain with one of the riddles. If you are in a room, which is dark and dingy, with just a match box with one match stick in it and found a candle, a gas stove and a lantern, which one you light up first? Trust me most of us would go for candle. Without giving a second to presence of mind ,we will try different options but not the real answer that is a match stick. Here is the trick of getting successful in life also. To be successful we need to have want and want so badly that our tenacity will drive us to the top. RIGHT RECOGNITION OF OUR STRENGTHS AND AVAILABLE RESOURCES CAN PREPARE A SMOOTH SAIL FOR US.
Idea is, before taking someone’s suggestions, identify your sparkling and twinkling success mantras matching your calibre and style to fashion your fate and that too by your own industry and focused decisions. So, like the energy of an atom, man’s potential exists within himself to be used.Donot run after success it will run after you if you realise and recognise your worth.

Sangeeta Sharma