Friday, 13 June 2014

From the Pages of Life

"Marriage to me is commitment and I resist it."

Manan is thirty five year old unambitious, emotional,friendly and gregarious guy from Delhi.
Life to him is nothing but free from being chained up in social ties like marriage, as expectations from other half are just impossible to meet up.He is writer, producer and director of the pages of his mortal life. The reel begins from his association with his three friends, all chaotic in weaving their carriers and dreams, yet cemented in their friendship. With the help of their NRI friend , Mohit , they started a computer institute. Manan was the only know how person amongst them, yet salaried.The institute was more a pass time to these guys with similar vision:playing cricket with frivolous remarks in between for each others playing methodologies and of course the irresistible, girls.The childish frolic was part and parcel of their personality.
Mohit , the invester , soon started with insecurities of going bankrupt if same routine would be followed up. Line of action was initiated with recruitment of three female employees.Rush of students was expected but two friends couldn't avoid the charms of open minded Raveena, the HR Manager of the institute.Woman creates wall of drift between two bosom friends and that's what happened between two partners Mohit and Mukesh.Temptations were offered by Mohit to Manan and Mayank to stay but Manan was honest of his creed.
loss of twelve and half K was not much for Manan , as he had skill of computer handling in his hand. He got other job where he was whole soul potential arbiter. Same routine of calling friends over eating and drinking became their energy boosters.They wanted to drink life till the lease so, dating,drinking and daring became their trade marks.Not knowing where life was stretching them, they were all unaware of time's offerings.
To Manan the real world is virtual world, as it offers the inside of human beings.They are far away from masks they wear, deception and double standards.They show their real self , as nobody hurts them virtually, they all walk in the same boat.The pleasure of being true and genuine is a miss in this so called real world.He has taken his complete contentment in the virtual world.Mohit is settled with growing business and happy married life, Mayank shifted to UK and progressing and Mukesh still dwindling in the middle way of business and family but happily married .
Manan has vested all his search for soul mate in virtual world, ironically where he met a girl, who was an AIDS patient. All  luck was perhaps of his mother's blessings that he came out with a narrow escape.
Still he doesn't want to marry  because the virtual world has captivated all his attention. He finds it more realistic. Is it what human endeavor all about?  Isn't virtual world an unsolved riddle? Isn't human goal has remained a never ending search? Has marriage really become a burden for today's generation? I'm in search for the answers from the pages of life itself.

Sangeeta Sharma