Friday, 6 June 2014

 Q. Does reading books make one introvert?

Very interesting question was raised by one of my students early this morning, which made me ponder on certain aspects of students' inquisitiveness. For them perhaps the most intriguing and fascinating thing is the world beyond their spiritual and mental attributes. The world about which they are totally new, an amateur. Of these interesting yet unknown things they want to know more and more. Today's question was, does reading books make one introvert? 
Books are the world in itself. The beauty of nature, the fragrance of flowers, the pain of life, the ecstatic moments of victory, the love between two beings, the passion for anything, care of mother, tears of happiness...........and the list goes on, all these can be felt, experienced and lived through books. Books stimulate us mentally and spiritually too. It prepares us for life with its adversities, odds, positive and negatives. It increases our horizon not literally but also metaphorically. Books word our world of doubts that means they give meaning to our doubts which leads to concrete solution, the way to deal and yes, the way to answer our doubts. If books , while reading make us go engrossed in its content, which appear as if we are introverts, make us explore the real world with intense emotions, sentiments, wit, wisdom and presence of mind. Still, do we really need to be doubtful about the reading outcome of books? I feel answer is self explanatory, had i not read books i would have not been answering this question and had not my student read the books that he came up with this question. We don't make introvert of ourselves rather we get ready to face the world beyond our reach, the way it is.
Sangeeta Sharma