Friday, 22 January 2016

"That was, that is....."

 At the threshold she was sitting shedding tears explaining her story..." That was, that is....".  
Tiny steps stepped her into beautiful and person of intelligence and wit. Her physical strength talked deceptive of her caliber though.Her lean and lanky appearance hid her rosy world somewhere at the corner of her mind dreaming about someone to explore and excavate. She wanted to be chased. That was she.
Her silence shouted many times to people she adored, admired and worshiped even, but shouting words  were unheard ironically. Her mute world spoke thousand non-verbal words but to get deaf ears , blind eyes and stony feelings. Her smile every time danced on someone's heart but to have a slip at last. Her vulnerability was her most strengthened weakness. Yet somewhere in her light of hope kept its flame kindled. Her tears mirrored her reflections.
She vowed to be unsolved mystery, a maze and unanswered riddle to her own world of words.She mastered her agonies to simplify her anguish to fill in the void of her life. To smile she started shedding tears and to shed tears she smiled in guise.Every step she took was measured in inches, meters and kilometers, as she thought to be cautious and worldly perfect. 
 Her yawns even started getting translated along with her tearful of smiles. Her strength became her weakness and dropped her at the fork. Every inch of distance she travels now perspires her to recognize every face in disguise, every word in manipulation and every praise under evil tongue. Somewhere deep beneath her subconscious mind still lives an angel of faith guiding her through her silent tears.
As she knows now " That was, that is.......". She wants to be chased for not chasing life of roses and all that appears to be so beautiful outwardly.
Now her shadow shades her vulnerability and follows her with her tears in her eyes.........sighs of deep contemplation and all that has made " That was, that is......."

Sangeeta Sharma