Thursday, 19 November 2015

Third Eye

Then it got captured.......   

Walked it leisurely in the temple of learning

Much was the hue and cry
scaled body hopped in rescue and in fright
Its forked tongue came in action of sight
I in amazement clicked and recorded in mind
Looked dragon like with brownish green suffice
Long tailed toothless beast of woods
amongst the most horrified
didn't know its plight.

Writhing crawling curves touched the soil
Ah! To get vanished in soil
monarch of its land
became captive in mortal hands
Its powers all arrested in gather
to take it and gulp in manner.

some opened the popping pupil of eyes
some talked of the species venom and lives
Some directing, some concealed watching the bright
I ran to capture it in my machine of light
Oh!  Light became its dungeon dark
never it knew it'd be captivated when
stroll of unknown will it ply.
Its long snake like face wrapped around
legs and hands too in brown
Making it victim of transient frowns
Yes! it got captured and bound
But everybody same and alike
only it was which lost its life.

Sangeeta Sharma

Monday, 16 November 2015


Emotions are spontaneous arousal of strong feelings of love, care, hate, fear, surprise and many more. The more subjective and valence our reactions the more is intensity, stimulation , pleasure or aversion is.They effect the whole cosmic process of our cognition, physical expressions, neurological process and tendency of desire or action.Emotions stay in our conscious as well as subconscious mind, so to say in our intellect as well as our logical mind. Reach depends on the ability of controlling power of human beings. Precisely emotional outbursts vary from person to person. The more sensitiveness cater to heightened emotions whereas tied up feelings, snubbed feelings and caged feelings doesn't find easy purse in our system. Do we need to train ourselves to be demonstrative of our emotions? Big question.
Answer is concealed in our perceptive and volitional mind. Yes, our Intellect.Emotions are submissive babies with lots of elasticity. They make their way through odds also. That's why we are preached to smile even in pain and brave the situations threatening us. Emotions are as flexible and effortless as elastic. We don't need to teacher them rather we must let them bloom like sprinkling fountain of all our feelings.
Intellectual brain is made up of our will and of our feel. Its all what we call wisdom, mental calibre of range, accuracy, problem solving capacity, logical faculties and above all judiciousness. When it combats with emotions and sentiments it concretes them to let its cognitive approach win. Intellects are concrete. They stop our flexibility and mar our natural impulses. Again the question arises Do we guide intellect to be flexible? Obvious question.
No, will be concrete answer to this question and we are not tangible existences, we have powers to stipulate our wise judgements mixed with feel for others benefit. When we learn to become successful in our life the efforts we are not devoid of feelings of dedication, willingness, patience and happiness. Elastic emotions get concreted in our system of intellect.

Rationalize your inner self with fusion of atomic blast of feelings and perception, soft sentiments with wisdom and above all elastic stretch with concrete blend . Take care of right proportion otherwise they spill out of brim.


Sunday, 15 November 2015



Down there on the edge of sea

lie all my quivering desires deep

glints it outwardly to darken my inside

whispering inaudible reach of sighs.

Mingling with unreachable in reach

Of cravings feelings and thoughts deep

casting its spread to eternity

yet not part of whole sovereignity.

Views the eye of mind

that shuts the cosmos in find

Oh! I want to fly

With cut wings and connections high

Till the horizon of thy life

Alas! bleeding jibe of strife

 strings my want to thy wise sight.

Sangeeta Sharma






Friday, 13 November 2015


Child is the Father of Man

Children are giggles of our lives and epitomize innocence, love and tenderness. Many of us think and write about how to educate our children the best so that they navigate better future as excellent leaders and persons, but amazingly they have the magical powers to be our best teachers. I experienced the same recently during my Bali excursion.

Advay, walking talking angel of 1 year and ten months  updated my outdated childhood. During the journey to Bali his flawless smile removed all our exertion and his own language of some hinter land bridged his world with our world of communication. His twinkling eyes with that glint brightened our day and made many unwanted and troublesome worries take a back seat. We were his age, oblivion to diplomatic and manipulative world of adults. Moment that I seized to cease all my squirmy struggling thoughts. The impact is still travelling.

His puckish calling " Ma'am...." still echoes in my mind as it has coined his blether as so meaningful that I find a miss with best orators even. His kingly amble legged our curiosity and interest in the world so serene. At the time of lows also he taught me to recuperate quickly and throw smile to the spectators of our voyage of life, after all halts just become past as soon as we leave them and go on with all new of us.

"Child is the Father of Man", rightly said by William Wordsworth. Small child gave me lesson of life to be child like and to be free of all the manacles which stop us to be what we are......The child within us keep taking birth to face the world so hard.

Advay tutored me to child everything which comes as obnoxious  monster in our lives......the best lesson I learnt for my life.

Sangeeta Sharma