Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Soul Talks
Incessant Desires Sporadic Grants
Human desires are like perennial rivulets, surging ad infinitum from its source to mouth of mortal life. During its course these desires shape its visage as per our needs and resources available,hither to overlooking the hindrances it meets during its flow. Relationship of our desires and sources of getting it fulfilled is like rule of demand and supply but with a difference in rule. There's always more demand but supply is always less.
Where to put full stop to these everlasting desires in abundance? Question to contemplate on but ironically mortals have excuses to exercise it, ranging from needs to no control on its velocity and intensity. I personally believe, we human beings are brim bags of control and power to keep a tight rein on our desires, and that to as per sporadic grants.
It might reminds us of famous idiom, " Cut Coat According To Cloth." But desires are not cloth like that we can tailor it into our size coat. They travel from nowhere to somewhere, take different forms and turn easy in accessibility, after all they don't cost you anything but your peace and your deteriorated approach to come grips with. Ah! does that mean we flout its adverse impact on us? Instead we need to dam its flow and current.
Dam of comprehending our limits to desire and banking these desires is must, evidently precaution and stringent action must be lined up or else ruinous loss is sure shot. Question that hammers us is, " How?" How to what comes by exercising control over our unlimited desires for which have limited grants.
Think big but not that big that squeezes our efforts of attaining and fulfilling it.  Meet targets but not at the cost of shunting your goals. Compare but not the success but hardships born by the achiever. Contemplate but not to sleep away its focus. Compete not with others but with your own pace at different levels. Limit but not to limit your positivism to pull off it.Learn but not to ignore it. Sustain but not to own it or obsess with it.Pass but to discover it and realize it. Desire but not to ignore its grant. Love but not to be blinding on reality.Dream but don't dream impossible.

"Dreaming should not dream away your dream of becoming dream of others." Have you started desiring it? All the luck.

Sangeeta Sharma

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Translation Of Life

Life is escalation of everything we have, desire, need or yearnings. It has no minus theory. It only multiplies everything we accrual from it and for it. From the growth of tiny seed underneath earth to clouds formation , everything is offered to us in cornucopia.Life in its credence is as light as happiness and in its meaning as  heavy as burden.
All our joys are product of smiling at life and accepting it with its all burdens smilingly. If we learn that simple rule of existence in our lives we get away with pain and stress of bearing its burden.This way we have nothing to loose we have just moments and time to cherish. We lament over loss of life of our dear one , separation, hardships, struggle, stress and ordeals that Life offers us resulting in creation of vacuum, minus feelings and gaps. Are these unanswered or riddled?
 Every maze has a key to break it open so has all the gaps to get filled and vacuum to be filled with positive smiling attitude. Its not convoluted rather its as easy as one plus one equals to two. No matter how hard hit its meaning to taste is, in carrying its just a quill which we carry with our hands of positive mindedness and strong will power. We have power  of perception  and the power of willingness within us to lessen its load. There's no question whose answer is not known and there's no riddle whose solution is not there and life has all the answers to all our questions within it.
Sun rays brighten the surroundings so does moon though it shines in the night, we shed  tears when we bear pain , so are they shed when we are ecstatic, the same knife which is used to kill someone is also used to save patient's life , some people are angels in your life, but the same person can be a demon for someone else. Its how we need to eye life.
Life horns us at all its signals, all we need to do is to obey it and follow it. Those signals crossed will cause accident, that too fatal one. Of course we as drivers are leading our route as our own masters but rules of driving life is entirely our own translation of it. And life in translation is all beautiful, romantic, loving, constructive and subtle. Thats why it has no minus formula. Agree? Hold it tight and don't let it slip by, drink it till the lees .

Sangeeta Sharma


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Love Perfect

Comes voice so swift in hues
of love, 
to undo past sour and tough
to breath, live, ecstatic and firm.
Eyes of perception mind of faith
that walks whispers to run
that feels tears to vanish
that smiles sadness of her life.

The blink so insightful
The touch of untouched
yearns saving and engraving
intense and passionate laddering 
of two beings unified in one.

Healer of lacerated soul
pinnace of life and love
for burking all that that was harrowing
to her body, mind and soul.
Love attired in human form
or her soulmate earthborn?

Love loving imperfect perfect
giving it language of silent surrender
arms of wonder
heart of passion
feet of freedom
from all that was excruciating and troublesome.
and mind to travel distance of distant yet a savior
to spring in her life unsung music so musical.

Sangeeta Sharma

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Third Eye

Then it got captured.......   

Walked it leisurely in the temple of learning

Much was the hue and cry
scaled body hopped in rescue and in fright
Its forked tongue came in action of sight
I in amazement clicked and recorded in mind
Looked dragon like with brownish green suffice
Long tailed toothless beast of woods
amongst the most horrified
didn't know its plight.

Writhing crawling curves touched the soil
Ah! To get vanished in soil
monarch of its land
became captive in mortal hands
Its powers all arrested in gather
to take it and gulp in manner.

some opened the popping pupil of eyes
some talked of the species venom and lives
Some directing, some concealed watching the bright
I ran to capture it in my machine of light
Oh!  Light became its dungeon dark
never it knew it'd be captivated when
stroll of unknown will it ply.
Its long snake like face wrapped around
legs and hands too in brown
Making it victim of transient frowns
Yes! it got captured and bound
But everybody same and alike
only it was which lost its life.

Sangeeta Sharma

Monday, 16 November 2015


Emotions are spontaneous arousal of strong feelings of love, care, hate, fear, surprise and many more. The more subjective and valence our reactions the more is intensity, stimulation , pleasure or aversion is.They effect the whole cosmic process of our cognition, physical expressions, neurological process and tendency of desire or action.Emotions stay in our conscious as well as subconscious mind, so to say in our intellect as well as our logical mind. Reach depends on the ability of controlling power of human beings. Precisely emotional outbursts vary from person to person. The more sensitiveness cater to heightened emotions whereas tied up feelings, snubbed feelings and caged feelings doesn't find easy purse in our system. Do we need to train ourselves to be demonstrative of our emotions? Big question.
Answer is concealed in our perceptive and volitional mind. Yes, our Intellect.Emotions are submissive babies with lots of elasticity. They make their way through odds also. That's why we are preached to smile even in pain and brave the situations threatening us. Emotions are as flexible and effortless as elastic. We don't need to teacher them rather we must let them bloom like sprinkling fountain of all our feelings.
Intellectual brain is made up of our will and of our feel. Its all what we call wisdom, mental calibre of range, accuracy, problem solving capacity, logical faculties and above all judiciousness. When it combats with emotions and sentiments it concretes them to let its cognitive approach win. Intellects are concrete. They stop our flexibility and mar our natural impulses. Again the question arises Do we guide intellect to be flexible? Obvious question.
No, will be concrete answer to this question and we are not tangible existences, we have powers to stipulate our wise judgements mixed with feel for others benefit. When we learn to become successful in our life the efforts we are not devoid of feelings of dedication, willingness, patience and happiness. Elastic emotions get concreted in our system of intellect.

Rationalize your inner self with fusion of atomic blast of feelings and perception, soft sentiments with wisdom and above all elastic stretch with concrete blend . Take care of right proportion otherwise they spill out of brim.


Sunday, 15 November 2015



Down there on the edge of sea

lie all my quivering desires deep

glints it outwardly to darken my inside

whispering inaudible reach of sighs.

Mingling with unreachable in reach

Of cravings feelings and thoughts deep

casting its spread to eternity

yet not part of whole sovereignity.

Views the eye of mind

that shuts the cosmos in find

Oh! I want to fly

With cut wings and connections high

Till the horizon of thy life

Alas! bleeding jibe of strife

 strings my want to thy wise sight.

Sangeeta Sharma






Friday, 13 November 2015


Child is the Father of Man

Children are giggles of our lives and epitomize innocence, love and tenderness. Many of us think and write about how to educate our children the best so that they navigate better future as excellent leaders and persons, but amazingly they have the magical powers to be our best teachers. I experienced the same recently during my Bali excursion.

Advay, walking talking angel of 1 year and ten months  updated my outdated childhood. During the journey to Bali his flawless smile removed all our exertion and his own language of some hinter land bridged his world with our world of communication. His twinkling eyes with that glint brightened our day and made many unwanted and troublesome worries take a back seat. We were his age, oblivion to diplomatic and manipulative world of adults. Moment that I seized to cease all my squirmy struggling thoughts. The impact is still travelling.

His puckish calling " Ma'am...." still echoes in my mind as it has coined his blether as so meaningful that I find a miss with best orators even. His kingly amble legged our curiosity and interest in the world so serene. At the time of lows also he taught me to recuperate quickly and throw smile to the spectators of our voyage of life, after all halts just become past as soon as we leave them and go on with all new of us.

"Child is the Father of Man", rightly said by William Wordsworth. Small child gave me lesson of life to be child like and to be free of all the manacles which stop us to be what we are......The child within us keep taking birth to face the world so hard.

Advay tutored me to child everything which comes as obnoxious  monster in our lives......the best lesson I learnt for my life.

Sangeeta Sharma

Saturday, 31 October 2015

 When Start Started

Phoenix is a mythical bird which cyclically regenerates itself. It reproduces itself from the ashes of its predecessors. Might the question hammering many intellects why mention of phoenix for this scribble of my pen.
 For me we are all like phoenix notwithstanding  our being into shackles of kindred.Nevertheless we all are individuals with our own self, being and presence. Precisely  we all too are phoenix. If we comprehend this perhaps many of our troubles would take a back seat. If we all know to regain and reborn from our set of ordeals, existence of stress, heart burns and even ailments (Although not all but some) will be of minimal birth. Seems ambiguous, right?
Time offers us many damages in our life and I am no great not to face that. At the outset the broken pieces of my aspirations from people and situations mirrored my dying soul. Was that the end of everything? No, infact it was the start of gathering all broken pieces into one whole, my real meaning of subsistence . Everything initiated like birth of a sapling, so beautiful, magnificent, unsullied, tender and luxuriant.
I reproduced myself from my ashes of traumas, distress and miseries. Were those dead organisms really required to make me or spoil me? No. the power lies within all of us. Power to be phoenix in our lives. Don't bury it and whiz it out and mingle with dust and ashes. Remember the core takes birth from dust and gets back to dust only, the dust of start is the start.
No looking back to anything that is short lived or was superfluous ,give a peep instead into pores of dust to grow crop of hope to harvest life. This new shoot can brave any storm of life as it knows its roots are in dust and not in the sky. Deeply sowed and intact roots will grow in you a person so strong and mighty. Phoenix of you start the start to get started, if you trust yourself and your worth arrows of worldly sufferings will pinch you needle point only.
Start gathering the ashes of your injuries and be a phoenix to help yourself not to recycle your miseries and misfortunes.


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Stress: How to Combat
Stress stretches its reach from mind to heart. Usually people with vulnerable disposition are prone to stress.That doesn't mean people with strong will power can't suffer from it, of course ratio varies, intensity differs and also its magnitude. 
Past many days I have talked to many people who are in look out of ways to relieve themselves from stress. The easy accessible choice is meditation, diversion and avoidance of food, people and situations that stress us out.The question is , is it really feasible to follow these suggestions religiously, as your mind gets tresses of stress curtaining your power to combat it.
I would not suggest you to eat healthy and not to take lot of caffeine, walk, talk, divert or meditate. Not at all. You are already bewildered, can't remain at calm than how would you follow these.So, what's the solution?
Stress junks your thinking mind and increases your emotions of heart burn, overthinking and impulsive attitude. The best way is to cash all these negatives of stress by making them positive. Hmmmm! I can sense line of doubt on your temple and mode of interrogation and inquiry. How a devil can be an angel? Right?  In the following  passage I am going to share the tact of making devil of outcomes of stress  in angel of combating it.
When we are stressed first sign is over thinking. Over thinking is good ,use it as stress reliever pill. Keep thinking about the thing troubling you till you go saturated and exhausted and finally want to have a sound sleep. Sleep keeps us away from having negative thoughts. Make sure you sleep in peaceful room where you don't have the noise or disturbance of any sort.
Sleeplessness is another problem of stress. Even after exerting yourself mentally you won't feel like sleeping start physical exertion.....not which is constructive for you like cooking, cleaning your wardrobe, dusting, mopping and for that matter even washing clothes . It will not only occupy you in things easy to do but will give you space for yourself to keep yourself away from disinterestedness which is one of the aftereffects of stress.
Become a chatter box, stay close to people you trust and socialise with like minded people.Talking about your problem will find you some solution as you are not in a state who can think wise. Trustworthy people are not only all ears to your problems but they offer solace to you. Their aura helps you combat stress.
Eat what you like. All of us our sensitized people , we know what to consume and how to consume in balanced way even if we are ailing. Isn't it? Pamper yourself with things that delights you. Buy yourself new attire, cosmetic, wallet or anything you want. Budgeting comes automatic when you are stressed.
Don't stay alone ever. It makes you feel segregated and different than rest of the people. Don't avoid a laughter rather arrange for something which is comical, funny and even absurd. How about cartoon watching or reading Tin Tin cartoon magazine . Yes, reading doesn't limits you with your age and knowledge. You can read anything anytime. Moreover these types of things don't require focus and concentration.
Above all, don't let your foggy mind dominate your rational mind as than only you'll be able to do all these things. Must be thinking that its not in control, but trust me during stress we have everything under our control because we are dedicating our whole thought process to one problem only.All we have to remember is " This is the time to take best out of the situation". 
You never know after the phase of stress you discover or invent something which gets you recognition and stress free life.


Sunday, 25 October 2015

People May Come People May Go
 While reading the poem " Brook" by Robert Frost, the refrain " Men may come men may go,I'll go on forever", caught my subconscious instinct to relate it to the world around me. There the pen in my hand started flowing with the world of expressions in my mind.
We meet different people in different guises in our lives. Some come as friends forever, some as soul mates, some as passers by, some as acquaintance and some who can't be named or defined. Have you ever pondered what their presence mean in our life? 
Every person who gives a long or short visit in our life has something to teach us, no matter it is diabolic side of their personality.
Seize the time of warm relations, as they are hard to find. We blindfold ourselves to some people's compassionate nature as we take them for granted. We find them easily available to all our odds and emerge as walking stick during our handicap and to sustain in time of crucial hours. Back of our mind we box them for not to open.Our ignorance settles dust around these boxes which we never try to clean or even explore. Those who come as temptations in the form of money, glamour and pretensions occupy our energies. Alas! We let the diamond slip by and treasure coal.
Most of us under power and pelf's shine tend to be under the spell of dubious presence around us, forgetting there are some who pray for us, bless us and think good for our well being constantly. Important is not to box out these people but important is not to box them at all otherwise we'll dwell in the phase of not recognizing the worth of these people who are rare species. Such people are highly emotional and sentimental, sensitive and affectionate and any injuries or damage to their dignity closes the doors of their being in your life again.
Its high time we expand our treasure of such people as others are easy come in our lives and unwelcome too but good people are not uninvited guests. They love their dignity and above all have high esteem.
 People may come and people may go but remember what they do for you remains perennial.

Sangeeta Sharma

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Fear smiling on proposal
Walks are not normal to my routine but whenever I have want to find myself I want to be in the company of nature. Headphones in my ear and plodding at the track, here I go. The confidence on my face has but a fearful face. Yes, I fear real people around me with their dubious and zero expression faces.
Music has medicinal impact on an injured soul so, with music of my taste I make my walk very interesting and enjoyable. At times I go so engrossed listening to my best songs that things, people and everything else go lost from my sight and mind. I start meditating music, but yesterday had something different to offer to me.
While walking on the track I felt somebody's constant and still gaze on me though I didn't see anyone but I sensed it. Thanks to sixth sense gifted to women. Obvious uneasiness and fear of real people dominated my thought process. I confirmed of wearing no precious jewellery and continued. Anticipation was the next step...should I go back home or continue with my routine one hour walk...what if somebody tries robbing me of my expensive phone? Series of apprehensions cropped up in my mind but I kept erasing them and continued with my walk. I started looking around thinking it could be just my hallucination as I fear real people but my heart came in my hand as there  was no one in the park except me, some stray dogs , trees, benches and a guy sitting on one of side benches in the park.
"I must go back home" , I heard my own voice commanding me, as it was already 7: 50 p.m and that too February month.Teaching my kids that greatest fear is to fear itself and finding myself in the same situation made me strengthen all by myself to continue my walk without fearing that chap who was constantly fixing his eyes on me.I decided to give the angry looks back to him so that he must know I was fearless. I felt my effort was in vain, as he seemed to be unaffected.
To my surprise I found him moving a bit to other side of the seat. I kept walking with sunken heart as  I wanted to combat my fear of real people.He moved his arm as if was searching for something under the seat my heart beat rose and head started throbbing of self invited danger," but after all it is residential area and he can't do anything" , I contemplated.  From nowhere power of facing the situation with courage increased my determination to continue with my walk. He stood and started walking towards me with long steps my immediate reflex was that I picked a stone and kept walking and he started running towards my direction.I started walking faster towards the gate of the park so that if any odd he would try I would yell and call people around. I found that he was running and coming closer, hardly at one hand distance he was when I raised my hand to hit him with the stone in my hand but he crossed me and hugged a girl who was standing just at my right hand side near thick bushes, partially hiding herself. My hand raised up in throwing stone pose,  immediately took an exercise position to get over the embarrassment. 
I heard him saying to the girl, "See, I found you even in dark now say yes to my proposal." By this time I was out of the gates of the park but heard their giggles . Fear smiled inside me and said, "Wow! What a cute proposal."
Fear made me experience 10 minutes of terror washed away in one minute of beautiful feelings of these couple.

Sangeeta Sharma

Monday, 9 February 2015


When I Die

When I die don't you cry
the tears so false and dry
be fair in your desires so wry
smile that is only thing you try
Don't you cry when I die.

When I die don't you cry
remembering promises which you never complied
words you said but never applied
feelings you showed but hidden contempt inside
Don't you cry when I die.

When I die don't you cry
for things you did which never went by and by
in times dire and in "why" 
for actions not meant grow high
Don't you cry when I die.

When I die don't you cry
bitter wrapped in sweetness defy
seeing pain but turn a blind eye
kept quiet as not shy
Don't you cry when I die.

When I die don't you cry
For letting me a part of sky
For all the sours peek fly
for what you were not but standby
Don't you cry when I die.

Instead let all masks unmasked
to see others soul embarked
to let not rest die demarked
to let not rest die demarked.

Sangeeta Sharma