Sunday, 7 September 2014

Meaningless Meaning of Meaningful life
Life has always been astonishing me with its tantrums. One moment it offers me something to relish and on the other to even find meaning worth meaningful. When I see a butterfly I perceive all colors of life flying.....flying and not consistent.....Which color should I pick for my meaningful life? I see a kid smiling with different muscles spread indicating smile smiles away stress, but does it make me smile for life throughout? In every human I find a little God, who preaches different school of thoughts, which one I follow? Yonder in the vast sky birds going back to their home, A rainbow full of hues, blue sky, rising and setting Sun, shades of moon, waves rolling , tides striking....everything has transitional appearance or existence, where do all these draw line of meaningful meaning?

I am no pessimistic, but I am researcher of life chasing it the way it comes to me.I smile with it and shed a tear or two when it wants me to do that even, I dance with it like its soul mate, I spread my expansions hugging it, I shout ignoring its limitations, I call it with all my desires and above all I worship it with its idealism......but where does the defined meaning lie?

Every night I sleep in its lap with peaceful yet disturbed sleep, I try to grab it with its chore values yet find lack of these in some, I try to comfort it when I find pain of life, I try to embrace it like its partner to blossom and to grow.....but in turn every morning it offers me different temptations to be aloof and alienated from it .......meaningless meaning of meaningful life.

I talk, I preach, I fight, I laugh, I sing, I love life to get back love......but do we really? These are not expectations, nevertheless quintessential panorama of just small part of life. We all try to win it with our own strategies but who wins at the end...Its meaningful Life and leave us with its meaningless meaning. Alas! It seems to be a wild goose chase....I am trying to run after it to get it in my fist but am I really going to?
It comes running to me with its pain but comes walking with happiness. What a dilemma! I try to run fast with it , I got tired but it doesn't. I sigh and doubt but surprisingly it gives me back my strong belief in its being......sits somewhere at the corner of my heart with its innocent smile and tickling me to have faith in its meaningless meaning.
All fog cleared I walk hand in hand with the meaningless meaning of meaningful life.
Sangeeta Sharma