Sunday, 29 June 2014


Platonic love: Does it actually exist or merely have wordy existence?
Recently while rereading all my whats app images, I got captivated by one of the images stating " Man asked God what is the difference between your love and my love?" God replied, " I let my love fly open and free in the sky while you imprison it." Immediately next step was, which is quite usual to me, was to update my status. It read as "  Let your love fly, if its yours it would stay if it flies away it never just chill and go for platonic love." I wrote without having a single thought  that it would be inviting list of inquisitive interrogations from my students.
Pareedhi, one of my bright students of literature , enquired very innocently about the meaning of platonic love. She asked if the term has something to do with Plato, the renowned greek philosopher and writer of " The Republic". Touched with her empathy I was in dilemma how to explain my seventeen year old student the meaning of platonic love. The moment I started typing my message, her message popped up on my whats app screen...." Is it parent and child like? or Is it between friends?"  My eyes fluttered and lips twitched and I smiled in my heart. Not cause of her inquisitiveness but as I knew how to explain her the meaning in one statement. I answered quickly, its as it was between Meera and Krishna, beyond worldly pleasures, beyond metaphysical and very sublime and ethereal. Of course the extended discussion on metaphysical world, sublime and ethereal concepts occupied my nocturnal activities,usually eating head of my best friend, Kamakshi.

Have you ever felt if somebody is remembering you at say two in the night and you actually get a message or call. Did you ever feel if you are with someone and that togetherness makes you complete? Have you ever felt the closeness an answer to all your searches? You are not physical yet you are in ecstatic and majestic form of warmth, has this feeling ever crossed you over? Expectations are foreign to your companionship and distance hardly distances your mind and heart from that surely are in platonic love.
Many of us name it as being friends or best buddies but its far above the level of friendship.Very difficult to recognise and not everyone's cup of tea. Only those who believe in it can experience it. In this world of materialistic desires one can't keep oneself away from worldly expectations. Does that mean that Platonic Love is mere a word ?
No, its not though its longevity has a doubtful existence. I can explain it with an instance. When you feel you can't feel comfortable till you talk to or see a particular person,you are at the first step of platonic love, and it should not be mixed up with physical attraction, its chaste feeling of getting warmth in that person's company or association is nothing but ethereal form of love. You don't want anything than talking or seeing that person.But the moment the mind starts controlling your soul you come to the world of LOVE, which is not platonic.
Haven't all of us experienced it at least once in our lifetime? I have intrigued your senses, go and dig the warmth in your relations. Might be you are answer to my doubt of its existence forever, want to share? Do that.

Sangeeta Sharma