Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Soul Talks

“A thing of a beauty is a joy forever”, said Keats and perhaps the best healer of injured soul is the company of nature. Its lush green spread delights the heart and mind. As usual when I went for my evening walk, the track was all covered with dry yellow coloured leaves and rustling of leaves beneath my feet instantly produced melody of my spontaneous thoughts. My soul was overjoyed and ecstatic seeing the floating clouds, through the tall branches. Chirping of birds, whistling of wind, noise of playful kids and loud laughter of grandpas and grandmas were giving me silent signals of pleasured pain. With swift synchronised brisk steps I was treasuring all the scenic and human activities, when suddenly I saw a small puppy. It must have been only few months old. Soft fur, brown coloured with black patched dropping ears, it was limping. All my attention got diverted towards that unattended injured stray puppy. Alas! My soul cried. I found it was injured at the back, blood was oozing out profusely, and the wound was deep. It appeared it was being attacked by some bigger animal. Now and then flies were disturbing him at his wound and it was trying hard to fly them away by turning his small face towards its back. I thought to muzzle him but my subconscious mind warned me of it being stray dog and source of infection. To my surprise in tussle of my heart and mind, my mind won. I could do nothing than see it struggling, struggling for life, struggling to prove survival for the fittest right.
This is what life is all about. The journey of mortals with their struggle and obstacles is only with and in their own company. The little puppy solved my quest of finding solace in my painful hours. We are our own best friends when we are in trouble. Others might come and show empathy, sympathy, care, concern or love, but its we, who need to find the solution of our problems.


Sangeeta Sharma