Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Knowledge travels Ignorance crawls
Yesterday two of my bright students initiated a discussion on future plans and carrier making choices after xii standard. Manik with 96% marks in class xii feels he isn't focused and Amrit feels he has to be rich as soon as possible, as he wants his mother to bask in his glory of name, fame and recognition. Manik wants to be an entrepreneur ,but how, he is totally clueless.The best orators of my school are entangled in the maze of ignorance.As their guide and mentor with motherly concern i was touched with empathy.The obvious way out to show them right direction was empowering them with right way of planning by introspecting and contemplating . Alas! Today's education system leaves students with power packed package of knowledge but web of ignorance too.They know what is what but how to answer what they are totally in confusion.And trust me this is dilema of many students. Manik and Amrit represent the whole student community.
The need of the hour is to make holistic approach of education an avenue opened based education, where students know that after completion of degree program he'd be entering into the world of profession. Instead of teaching them the glory of good percentage we must teach them how to pick up best even with less marks. After all history has many examples of low achievers who proved their worth as shining stars. To quote some, we have examples of Albert Einstein , who was  expelled from school as he felt learning dates has no learning outcome than knowing the possible ways to stop wars amongst nations, Abraham Lincoln, the US President, was not even well educated and there's no record of formal education of great literary personality William Shakespeare and history has imprints of many such examples.The point is not to loose one's individuality but important is to recognize one's potential.
If one gets diluted in self mistrust the target seems unachievable.Education must support learning which removes the clouds of ignorance from students' misconception about carrier making programmes. Right in secondary school they must be directed on various professions based on their streams. Practical visits to professional bureaus and interviewing well settled professionals make these students knowledgeable in true sense."If not this than this" option with regard to various professional and degree programmes must be a source of increase in their horizon.Before they actually enter a college life, a mock drill of applying in colleges to decision making in selecting the course must be rehearsed at school level only.
They know how many courses are there,what is the scope, duration,which college but ignorant what best suits their own caliber.Alas!Knowledgeable but ignorant.
Let education mentors them that knowledge travels but ignorance crawls.
Sangeeta Sharma